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Happy Holidays!


Tinsel Time: 5 Sensory Activities

The holiday season is upon us, and soon, leftover tinsel will be sold at deep sale prices.  As I think about this, I have put on my Sensory Savvy Lenses to brainstorm sensory diet fun with this seasonal steal.  Please join me! This Month’s Challenge: tinsel Original Purpose: Decorating Christmas trees With Sensory Savvy Lenses: […]

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finger play

A Thanksgiving Fingerplay Song – Sensory Fun

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and with it, comes time for fun and feasting — and, of course, opportunities to don your sensory lenses to see old things in a new sensory-friendly way.  As parents, we are always looking for activity ideas to engage our little sensory seekers while we prepare the Thanksgiving meal.  […]


Thanksgiving at Home? Prepare in Advance

Thanksgiving, in most homes, is usually a family event. This means there will be a lot of people, some new faces, and tons of noise. There will be new people shouting at each other across the dinner table using strange hand gestures, and of course, there will be new foods. And to top it all […]


Consider Seating Solutions for Your Classroom

It is not foreign any more to see a teacher on the floor with her students or to see students up and about around the classroom while engaged in learning. Whereas traditional classrooms insisted on kids sitting still, newer methods and alternative seating solutions allow children to move to learn. Yet, when most of us […]

Sensory Reduction

Meltdown? Reduce Sensory Input, Reduce the Intensity

Meltdowns! They’re arguably the most feared events for the parents of children with isms but did you know that the child or adult with an ism fears them too? Meltdowns are short periods of little control which can hurt people, damage property and destroy friendships and reputations in seconds. It’s little wonder that they are […]


Prevent Holiday Meltdowns for You and Your Child

Holiday gatherings have led to some of the most humungous meltdowns we’ve experienced with my youngest son Jake, who is diagnosed on the severe end of the autism spectrum.  I can’t say I haven’t joined him a time or two either!  Once the tears have cleared and the peace restored, reflection really helps for creating […]

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