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Back to School Prep


Tips to Decrease Back-to-School Stress

It’s that time of year again where you are stressing about whether or not you and your child are ready to go back to school, or maybe they are starting kindergarten! How exciting. You have shopped for the school supplies, new clothes, a lunch box and more more, and now it’s time to work on […]

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Solutions Isms
Back to School Prep

Summer Preparation for Back to School

Sorry to break it to everyone, but before we know it, we will be back to school shopping . One of the things that is good to do over the summer is to prepare kids with isms for the upcoming school year.  Consider setting up a meet and greet with various professionals in your child’s […]

Building Sensory Friendly Classrooms

Building Sensory Friendly Classrooms

Sensory Integration Disorder often presents as a behavioral problem; thus, although it’s an internal state, it has to be addressed based on what observable behaviors are seen in the child. As Occupational Therapist, Bonnie Hacker, MHS, OTR/L shares in her article “Sensory Solutions in the Classroom for the Kid who Cannot Sit Still“, “For the […]

family collusion

Teens and a New Arrival – 11 Ways to Help with Intrusive Thoughts, Part 2

In the first part of this three part series, you met Laura and Bradley – two teens who began experiencing intrusive thoughts with the welcoming of a new arrival into their families. You learned about the trials Laura was experiencing. You got a glimpse of the struggles that were befalling Bradley. We clearly recognized that […]

Auditory Memory

Auditory Processing: Memory, Organization and Integration

In a seven part series, I covered the multiple components involved with an Auditory Processing Disorder. I opened the discussion by describing the multi-system approach and moved into the sensory component to auditory processing, auditory discrimination, auditory hyper-sensitivity, auditory extraction, as well as auditory attention and distractibility. This final article in the series will introduce […]

Story Time - Social Skills

Cures for Summertime Boredom

Does your child ever come to you and say, “I’m so bored”? It is totally understandable. School is out, and routines have been disrupted. When kids complain about boredom, take the initiative to use this extra time during the summer to stimulate your child’s social and emotional development. Here are a few activities designed to […]

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