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  • 6 Discussion Points with your In-Home Paraprofessional

    April 18, 2014, No Comments

    Over the past 6 years as an autism paraprofessional, I’ve studied interactions between paraprofessionals and families and I’ve found a simple communication formula that almost guarantees a better relationship…

  • Auditory Discrimination - What is that Sound?

    April 17, 2014, No Comments

    After our sensory and auditory systems are aware of the presence of sound, we recognize the pattern of the sound we hear. This leads to what we often call…

  • Create Comic Strip Conversations

    April 16, 2014, No Comments

    I facilitate group discussions with both parents and middle school aged kids on the spectrum.  We work on learning how to construct comic strip conversations.  Comic strip conversations get…

  • 7 Micro-Business Ideas to Help Transition into Adulthood

    April 15, 2014, No Comments

    Statistics reveal a growing number of Americans aging out of Adult Transition Programs in local school districts creating an avalanche of ill-prepared individuals seeking suitable “post-school district” programs or…

  • Feel The Fear: A Treatment for Anxiety

    April 11, 2014, No Comments

    Urmila Pai, M.D. and Kimberly Williams, Psy.D. composed this article in collaboration. Child Therapist: “Carly, it seems you were very anxious. How did your body feel?” Child: “I don’t…

  • A QUEST for Social Skills

    April 9, 2014, 3 Comments

    JoEllen Cumpata, a speech language pathologist, and Susan Fell, a school social worker, created a school-based social skills program. This program is designed to help middle school students with…

  • Why the, “Homework Wars”?

    April 8, 2014, No Comments

    “Homework, wars”! It begins with the moment your child comes in the door from school. Your first thought is, “What do WE have for homework tonight?” How many hours…

It’s Autism Awareness Month!

special needs vacation

Tips for Making a Family Cruise Hassle-Free

Many of you forego family vacations for numerous reasons, in whole or in part, connected to your journey with autism, sensory processing disorder, or some other special need. Autism on the Seas would like to change that. Back in 2011, my family utilized the free/no-cost services of Autism on the Seas (see Cruise Assistance Package […]

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Special Showcase

Solutions Isms
Colored Rice - Art Therapy

Simple Household Materials for Sensory Art-based Activities

Very often, my goals as an art therapist will focus on the creative expression in developing the child’s imagination, communication and socialization skills. These are all areas that the child with isms is working on in school, home and other therapies.  However, sometimes art can simply be used in a more non-directed way and purely […]

Yoga and OT

The Complimentary Practices of Occupational Therapy and Yoga

As the practices of both Yoga and Occupational Therapy (OT) evolve in our modern culture, the two disciplines find themselves walking along the same path toward health and wellness. While the tradition of Yoga reaches back 5,000 years into antiquity, the profession of Occupational Therapy began to evolve more recently out of a growing awareness […]

Listening Therapy

Auditory Awareness Isms are Sensory Based

As stated in the first installment of this series, there are different types of auditory processing deficits or APD. And, for each specific type, there are different systems involved and, thus, different recommendations for treatment. This section discusses the various categories and a sample treatment for each category. Lucker’s Multi-System Integrative Model of Auditory Processing […]


A is for Autism, F is for Friend

A Is for Autism F Is for Friend: A Kid’s Book for Making Friends with a Child Who Has Autism is a very valuable tool in teaching children about their peers who have Autism. I love how the book is told from Chelsea’s point of view. Chelsea is 11 years old and has “severe” Autism. […]


One Mom’s Experience with Advocacy

Since I started my blog at Special-Ism, I have covered many topics. I have worn my heart on my sleeve and opened up to the world about some very personal experiences. Our latest challenge – advocacy.  I am my daughters’ biggest fan, her most outspoken advocate and I will not let walls block her way […]


Sensory Processing and Sound Therapy

I received a call last night from the daughter of a friend of mine about her son, aged 2 1/2. She asked about teeth grinding because she noticed that her son grinds his teeth at night time while going to sleep. She hasn’t noticed it at other times during the day or while he is […]

Alternative Auditory Processing Testing

Confounding Variables in the Evaluation of Auditory Processing

In the first installment of this series, we discussed Lucker’s Multi-System Integrative Model of Auditory Processing, detailing the six main systems involved in auditory processing, cognitive, executive functioning, auditory, language, behavioral and emotional, and sensory systems. The most critical part of the evaluation of auditory processing and, thus, APD, is to control for confounding variables. […]

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