A Healthy New Year


Homeopathy for Influenza

Homeopathy has a great record for helping people recover from influenza infections. The easiest homeopathic remedy to use for influenza is Oscillococcinum which is specific for treating influenza and may be used by anyone age two years and up. It is a homeopathic medicine made from the livers of wild ducks that is widely available […]

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Special Showcase

Solutions Isms
Contamination Fears

Teachers: 5 Signs to Spot a Child’s Contamination Fears

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is characterised by intrusive thoughts, impulses and images that regularly play on the child’s mind, where they feel the urge to do certain actions to ease the distress caused by them. For example, if the thought or fear is: “I’ll get germs and become ill because I touched the trash can’ […]

Showcase Art

It’s Youth Art Month: How to Celebrate Your Artist

“Youth Art Month (YAM) is an annual observance each March to emphasize the value of art and art education for all children and to encourage public support for quality school art programs. Art Education develops: self-esteem appreciation of the work of others self-expression cooperation with others and critical thinking skills All of these skills are […]


Mikey: A Day at School through the Eyes of a Child with Autism

If you ever wondered what school was like through the eyes of a child with autism, Mikey takes you there! Mikey is sure to be a wonderful book to share with students as celebrations begin for Autism Awareness Month in just a few short weeks. In this book,  explains how a young child with autism […]

Scarves - Sensory Diet

Build Motor & Social Skills with Winter Scarves

Winter scarves.  If you can’t get your child to wrap himself up with one for protection against the winter cold, you can at least get him to use them as a part of a sensory-friendly lesson plan! Or, so we have found at our house in recent weeks when I donned my sensory lenses while […]


Behaviors: The Power of Parental Knowledge

I have worked with children with various isms for many years and have had a lot of training on how to deal with behavioral issues. I will watch parents dealing with their children experiencing a meltdown in public and think of all of “my” strategies that would work so much better. Apparently, I think my […]

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