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National Sleep Comfort Month

Considering Natural Botanicals for Sleep?

Sleep Deprivation is a monumental issue for many families living with autism spectrum disorder. Not only is the child impacted by the lack of required sleep, but the parent who stays up with the child is equally impacted. Exasperated parents have certainly tried just about everything…but maybe there is something that you have yet to […]

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Special Showcase

Solutions Isms

Taking the Mystery Out of Dysgraphia

Do you know a child who loves school but hates to complete written assignments? Is there a student in your class who can tell you all about the last book he read but cannot write an age-appropriate book report? Or are you the parent of a child who receives low grades when she has A-level […]

light therapy

Light Therapy: Will Looking at a Light Help Me in School?

“Will looking at a light help me in school?” was recently asked by one of my current vision therapy patients, “Henry”. “Henry” is an eight your old boy currently in the third grade. He struggles with reading, comprehension and staying on task in school and while doing his homework assignments at home. Fortunately for him, […]

too loud too bright

What is a Sensory Defensive to Do in an Overstimulating World?

Do clothing labels bother your child so much that you have to remove them? Does your child find many different foods repulsive? Do loud, sudden, or piercing sounds startle your child? Does your child beg for sunglasses even on a cloudy day? Does your child panic when he has to go down an escalator or […]

trick or treat

Tips for a Fun, Comfortable and Safe Halloween

Halloween is a great holiday because kids love dressing up and eating the candy, BUT, all that goes with it was not so great for me as a kid. I could have certainly lived without an uncomfortable costume, ringing people’s doorbells, and asking strangers for candy. Tips for a Fun, Comfortable and Safe Halloween Trick […]

Movement in Fall

Move Into Fall & Process Sensory Information More Efficiently

The air is crisp and the colors are bright. Autumn is a perfect time of year for your action seekers! Movement not only builds strength but its good for the bones, heart, lungs and brain. In addition, it acts as a great sensory filter helping to process incoming sensory information more efficiently. The cool air […]

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