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Full Swing into Summer


STAYcation–The Perfect Alternative

Several years ago while stationed overseas for my husband’s job my children and I embarked on what has now become a much beloved tradition. It was a national holiday and all the locals had headed out of the city leaving us expats all to ourselves. But with our money situation being as short as my […]

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Solutions Isms
Freshman Survival Guide for College Students with Autism

Transitioning to Adulthood: Prepping for College

Hi everyone!! I hope you have been enjoying your summer so far! First off to start: I have some super great news for you all! My new book, “A Freshman Survival Guide for College Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders: The Stuff Nobody Tells You About” is officially available! I could not be more excited to […]


Ten Tips for Summer Handwriting Fun!

Summer is a opportunity for children of all ages to spend more time on outdoor play and less time “hitting the books!”  Although learning does not end with the school term, desk work becomes less appealing as the pools and playgrounds open for the season.  The neatest thing about handwriting practice, however, is that it […]

Stroller - Intrusive Thoughts

Teens and a New Arrival – 11 Ways to Help with Intrusive Thoughts

This is the opening article of a three part series examining intrusive thoughts that may occur when a new baby enters the family.  Part two of this series will discuss solutions to help keep intrusive thoughts at bay. In this series, we will meet Laura and Bradley, both teens who begin to experience the challenges […]

social skills - teenagers

Foundation for Successful Social Skills Groups for Teens

In our practice, we run multiple teen groups on a regular and consistent basis.  Our groups have been successful for our community and I am often asked questions from prospective clients or fellow professionals — “How exactly do you run your social skills groups?” Many often ask how many weeks we offer in a group […]

MoveAbout Activity Cards

MoveAbout Activity Cards – A Deck of Sensory Motor Fun

Pretty soon you will begin to see back-to-school signs and flyers popping up everywhere.  This will signal to you and your family that it it might be time to “up” the focus on sensory diets. If your child is anything like mine, sensory challenges are amplified by changes and transitions. Moving from one season to […]

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