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Yoga Awareness Month


How Yoga Helps with Sensory Integration

When describing the benefits of yoga to children, I often tell them they are like a DJ and they have a DJ’s mixing board full of dials and knobs. Yoga teaches them how to adjust the volume, change channels, or add some bass. Children with difficulty processing sensory input aren’t easily able to access all […]

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wandering safety

10 Strategies to Safeguard Your Wandering Child for Back-To-School

Watching the news, I have noticed a very dangerous trend among the autism community – precarious situations or even death due to children wandering out of safety and into risky environments. Upon further research, I noticed that wandering is a common tendency with individuals with a variety of special needs. Whether a child is overwhelmed […]

Building Sponge Towers

Does Handwriting Get Better With Practice?

I read somewhere that all children can improve their writing skills with a lot of practice.  Unfortunately, that is not quite true.  Handwriting isn’t simply about putting pencil to paper.  It is a complex activity that requires efficient visual, fine, and gross motor skills in order to be mastered.  When a child struggles with handwriting […]

class clown - attention

Is Your Child a “Class Clown” to Gain Acceptance?

We all want to be accepted and to have friends,  particularly at school but sometimes kids with special-isms are so socially different that they stand out from their classmates.  Standing out makes it much harder to find acceptance among their peers. One method that these kids use to convert unwanted attention into acceptance is comedy. […]

teach your child to say a sound correctly

Teach Your Child to Say a Sound Correctly

Does your child have trouble saying certain sounds? Have you tried correcting your child but he still says it wrong? Many children have trouble saying certain sounds when they’re little, but as the age, they should become more clear.  Here are some guidelines to help you know if your child is on track: 2-year-olds should […]

Sequencing - Art Therapy

Enhance Sequencing Skills through Art

Art can be a fun and different approach for enhancing and developing sequencing skills. While the process of creating art involves free expression it also requires the very concrete execution of sequencing tasks to achieve it. This is the beauty and the complexity of the creative process. Planning and Prioritizing During the beginning phase of […]

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