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Full Swing into Summer


Keep Summer Camps Simple and Focus on Fun

As the school year winds down, I hear many of my parent friends lamenting the long summer ahead.  Summer vacation can be an even bigger challenge for parents of kids with special needs. I am the lucky mom of two amazing daughters:  Lizzie, my fifteen year-old aspiring actress with Asperger’s, deals well with transitions and […]

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Cool Stuff Every Kid Should Know

Cool Stuff Every Kid Should Know – Survive the “Summer Slump”

The National Summer Learning Association is an organization that highlights the need for continuing academic support for kids during their summer “time-off.” “To succeed in school and life, children need ongoing opportunities to learn. This is especially true during the summer months. Although many imagine summers as carefree and relaxing – it is ever important […]

sports -perfectionist

“Probability Goals” Keep your Perfectionist Child from Giving Up

You may not think of your child as a “perfectionist”, after all, he may have a terribly untidy room or he may take little care in his writing when doing homework but perfectionist children aren’t necessarily “perfect in every way”. Sometimes perfection-ism only affects a small part of their lives.  In any case, there are […]

Tim Howard - Tourette Syndrome

Inspirational Triumph over Tourette Syndrome – Tim Howard

Since the beginning of the 2014 FIFA World Cup on the 12th of June, we have sat on the edge of our seats rooting to the United States. Today the USA plays Germany and we are ever so hopeful for a win. I fell in love with the game of soccer 18 years ago when […]

Left-handed writers benefit from a vertical slant

Solutions for the Struggles of Left-Handed Writers

Left-handed writers can be a menacing force in the classroom when it comes to handwriting instruction!  Their struggles are confusing for teachers and parents and can result in a great deal of stress for the students.  A search of the web can offer some help, but most often very few of the tips or adaptations […]

Auditory Distraction

Is it Auditory Attention or Auditory Distractibility?

For those who have been following this series on the multi-system approach to Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), you have learned that APD is indeed a multifaceted disorder. I discussed Auditory Awareness – an ism of the awareness of the presence of sound, demonstrated by the child not responding to sound, its source and its location. […]

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