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nursing1What do you do when you have both a child with sensory challenges and a friend or relative in a nursing home?

Short of ignoring one to attend to the other, you strategize.  In order to experience the most successful nursing home visit together that you can, don your Sensory Savvy lenses and rise to the challenge.

Today’s Challenge:  Nursing Home Visits

Original Purpose:  bringing love and support to an elderly or infirm relative or friend

With Sensory Savvy Lenses:  planning for success in supporting both the person in the nursing home and your child

1. Enlist Another Adult
Consider bringing a second adult with you. That way, you can have one adult take your child for sensory break walks inside or outside the nursing home, as needed, while the other visits. Your friend or family member in the nursing home can then enjoy seeing at least a glimpse of your child, while also getting in a fair amount of adult visiting time.

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