9 Ways to Bring Literacy Alive: Books are Not Just for Reading

My bookshelves are overflowing with books. I am quite the book junkie. I love books of all sizes and shapes, and find a need to have one (or more) for every topic I teach.

Many years ago, as I started to discover the multiple integrated ways children learn, books took on a whole new dimension for me. A great evolution from books for literacy only, to books for all academic areas emerged. Listed below are some of my favorite children’s books and suggested ideas to expand your use of each. This method is very beneficial in building comprehension, as well as a deeper love of literature. It also helps provide content-based focus on some of the skills and input our sensational kids need. From the fine motor skill of stringing to the vestibular input of rolling over to the social skills of a shape tea party. Enjoy these five sensational books and accompanying activities.

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