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Kids love their cheese, whether it is on a pizza, mixed with macaroni or spread on a cracker. Switching to a casein free diet leaves cheese options off the menu. This is a huge challenge as many little ones are picky eaters. Suggestions for getting your kid to eat broccoli may include melting cheese on top – but you can’t eat cheese, so what are you to do?

Welcome this delicious alternative cheese product into your menu creations. This casein free cheese looks like cheese, stretches like cheese and MELTS like cheese.

A company called Daiya Not only is this product casein free, it is free of many other potential allergens:

  • gluten
  • soy
  • corn
  • egg
  • rice
  • nut
  • hormones
  • and more!

The product is completely plant based and as of now comes in two flavors: cheddar and Italian blend. 

Slowly, they are coming out onto the retail market. Many Whole Foods have already started purchasing this great product in bulk and sorting it, shredded into clear, pint-sized containers, ready for your purchase. Look for it in the soy/tofu section of your store’s refrigerated section. There are a few online retailers who will sell and ship your Daiya to you. Click here for retail locations in the USA and Canada.

Even Amy’s, the vegetarian frozen food company is starting to use Daiya in their products, to finally provide a GFCFSF macaroni and cheese! This product is expected to be on shelves in the very near future.