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Social Adventures1 A new school year is nearly upon us and with it will come new opportunities to bring direct teaching of social cognition to our classrooms, therapy sessions, and play dates. All children can benefit from participating in fun and engaging activities which also happen to highlight and provide practice of a variety of critical skills. The Social Adventures app offers teachers, therapists and parents an easy-to-use “cookbook” of detailed descriptions of more than 80 activities that are based upon a unique approach to teaching these elusive skills.


What makes Social Adventures unique?

● Activities have been developed collaboratively by SLP’s and OT’s who have been running social cognition groups for over 15 years.
● This unique approach is supported by research
● Social nuances are made salient through the use of Social Catch Phrases which create a lingo for kids to carry-along with them to other situations.
● Cartoon visual supports are available for many of these catch phrases and can be used for cueing and generalization.
● Dramatic Role Play is an integral part of introducing new concepts
● Generalization activities keep kids active and engaged
● Activity descriptions are conveniently organized into 7 goal areas according to the IMAGINE! framework.

The IMAGINE! Social Success Framework

All of the activities within the app are organized by the following goal areas- easily remembered as IMAGINE!

Each category is then further organized by temperament type because we have found that some kids benefit most from activities that more specifically target their individual challenges.

IMAGINE is the acronym for:

SocialAdventures2Initiating Interactions

Maintaining Interactions

Advocating and resolving conflict

Getting and staying regulated

Interpreting non-verbal communication

Negotiating space

Experiencing Humor

How does the app work?

Simply download the app for your Apple Device from the App Store.


Or purchase a WEB App via to be used on any other smartphone, laptop or PC, and you will be ready to go!

The opening screen is your portal to nearly 80 activity descriptions organized by

Goal Area and Temperament Type.

Click on each image below to see a larger view…

New to Social Cognition? No Problem.
Social cognition refers to a myriad of abilities related to the way in which one individual interacts with others.

These go beyond an awareness and understanding of manners and cultural expectations to include taking another person’s perspective, developing a sense of social timing, attending to and interpreting nonverbal cues and managing self-regulation.

Individuals who struggle with one or more of these elements will likely experience social challenges and may be misunderstood by the mainstream.

Therefore, it is imperative that those of us entrusted with supporting the development of social cognition in children consider all of these components.

Click on each image below to see a larger version.

While the activities within the app are designed to be used a la carte, we have also included a menu of four 8-week Curricula to make planning groups a picnic.
The Introductory Program will get you started with activities that introduce the fundamental concepts and the 3 Collaborative Projects provide week-by-week ideas for putting these new skills into action!


Social Adventures1And just look at who is using and talking about our app…

“I have worked with the population of children who need social thinking/skills training for 10 years and this app, though I have only scratched the surface of what it has to offer, has already provided me with a number of new activities that have helped my students connect socially within group, while teaching key generalizable skills such as using names, perspective taking, and introducing simple social narratives.” Sean Sweeney, SLP

“This app is practical, easy to use and innovative! It offers easy to implement, creative, and fun ideas for therapists to use to lead social thinking groups for children with various profiles. It addresses skill areas such as sensory regulation, perspective taking, self-advocacy, negotiation, conversational management, teamwork and many more!” Alexandra SLP NY, Co-Director, Dramatic Pragmatics Speech and Language Center

“We use this wonderful app to support our school-wide social skills curriculum. As an administrator I love its ease of use and comprehensive offerings. My teachers love the organization and great teaching ideas. Well worth the price! Highly recommend!” Lori Davis, The Tobin School

“Love This App! – As a parent of a child with sensory integration issues, this app has been very helpful. My son participates in the facilitated Social Adventures Group on a weekly basis and this app reinforces all that he is learning. It also enables me to share the information with our family and teachers, which is very helpful. I particularly like the catch phrases”. Loving Mom

But the app is only the beginning…

Our Social Adventures App is the centerpiece of our program and can certainly be used on its own, but it is best utilized in conjunction with our other offerings. We have developed the IMAGINE! Social Success Assessment Checklist to offer a quick and easy way to prioritize goals areas and monitor progress. Our IMAGINE! Stories for Social Success includes 9 stories in one book which provide a poetic and engaging way to introduce the first 9 Social Catch Phrases. Each of these adorable characters helps to highlight a challenging social behavior and then… a friend comes along to help them try things a different way. And we have laminated sets of the Cartoon Visual Supports.

We have also developed these versatile apps which can be used alone or in conjunction with the Social Adventures Activities:

As treating therapists we are constantly trying new ways to address social skills. We blog over all, where we share ideas, inspirations, materials, and apps. We are also active on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. So come along and join the adventure! It’s gonna be a wonderful (and hopefully social) new school year.

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