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What is Special-Ism? 

Special-Ism is an online publishing source chock full of professional blogs addressing the ‘Isms’ impacting children at home and in the classroom.  Each and every article we publish features an ‘ism’ accompanied by professionally recommended solutions. 

What is an “Ism”, you ask? 

It is our coined term.  It is synonymous with a “challenge”.  Many children, with or without a diagnostic label, experience various challenges throughout their developmental years which are impacting them in the classroom and at home.  At Special-Ism, the Ism is our focus.  We do not look at the diagnostic label,  instead, we look at the Isms and offer solutions no matter the diagnosis. 

Special-Ism boasts an extensive library of practical solutions to help children reach their potential.  We strive to provide a variety of insights from clinical professionals to provide our readership with insights to address an “Ism”.

At Special-Ism, we are a unique online publishing source that offers content marketing to clinical professionals while supporting the readership seeking solutions to the isms. 

Special Online Promotional Platform for Clinical Professionals

Special-Ism has grown into a powerful online presence with continued, unprecedented growth each month. We put  clinical professionals front and center to their niche market. It is our mission to help increase the online presence of our team of writers. Join our team of writers and tap into our incredible readership to increase your online presence and authority!

Special-Ism works for our team of writers to help them develop and maintain a strong social media presence. By offering our writers a high traffic article marketing platform, we help clinicians increase the efficiency of their online efforts.  Our high traffic platform helps our writer’s published content to be discovered, leading to increased return of online time investment in the most efficient style. 

Supporting Our Amazing Readers

Our goal is to help our readership find solutions to the isms children may experience. We proudly boast a wide variety of clinical professionals sharing insights to help children reach their full potential. We showcase products and resources to help support various isms. We are grateful to those who share our insightful articles via social media. As our traffic grows each month, our hearts grow a bit bigger because we know that more and more children will reach their potential!

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