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At the very elemental level, everything we see, feel, hear, taste, touch or experience is made up of energy. This of course includes our bodies. In a previous article, I introduced the chakras, or energy centers, that we all have. So, why are the chakras important? Because we are all made up of energy. If our energy is not balanced, then we are not balanced and our bodies are truly designed to be in balance. When we are out of balance, we experience physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges.

Originally a Skeptic 
I am now an energy healer and Reiki Master. However, I was probably the most skeptical of all energy healing clients. The very first time I experienced it, I lay on the table stiff as a board and expected fire to come out of the practitioner’s hands.  But I began to relax as the healing energy poured through me. (Reduced anxiety is one of the most common results from energy healing and why I use it so frequently with my son with Asperger’s.) What I experienced was nothing short of miraculous. My hormones, which were incredibly out-of-balance, began to balance out over the next few days.

Research Backs It, Healthcare Practitioners Use It
I have seen similar miraculous results in my own son and in other children and adults I have worked with around the world. The research is beginning to back up my own experiences as well. Nurses have been using Reiki and other healing touch modalities for years. So much of the research and related articles have been completed by nurses and for nurses. One study showed that pain and anxiety were reduced in women who had hysterectomies and had received Reiki. These women required fewer pain medications as a result and the effects extended after they left the hospital.

Articles written by nurses on the efficacy of Reiki are numerous. One here gives a great description of Reiki benefits. Dr. Oz, the well-known cardiothoracic surgeon has used Reiki Masters in his surgical rooms and his own wife is a Reiki Master. He has named Reiki as his #1 recommended alternative therapy.

Benefits for OUR Children 
For children (and adults) with ADHD, Autism or related conditions, I routinely see reduction in anxiety and pain along with improved sleep quality as the #1 effects of energy healing. This corresponds to the research and the reported experiences of others. My own son at age 5 asked to be trained in it himself because his response to it was so dramatic. He asks for it if he is in pain. He is now 7 and will administer it on pets and other people without prompting.  A child doesn’t know to believe or not to believe, they only know what they have experienced.