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Art Options For many people the act of “creating” is an intimidating thing.  Inventing something and sharing it for everyone to see invokes an intense fear and dread.  It is an invitation for judgement.  Every artist will tell you that these are aspects of creating that we all have to walk through and overcome to get to “the good stuff” on the other side.  Being an artist takes a fair amount of grit and bravery.   The “good stuff” on the other side of the creative process is that you get to run free, be an inventor, and go where there are no rules and no “right or wrongs”.  Seeing things in your own individual way is valued and celebrated.  Everyone gets to be different and it’s a good thing.   Getting kids with special needs to this side of the process is a challenge.  They may be resistant and unwilling to explore what art is and miss great opportunities where they can shine.  Art may represent a  place that offers potential embarrassment, anxiety, and frustration or a place to fail.  Here are some tips for getting them to the “good stuff” of the process.

Reasons your child may be resistant to art:

Sometimes kids become frustrated with the art work they create.  You may see glimpses of ability and determination but they become trapped by their “rules”. They may draw the same thing over and over but not be able to continue to develop their skills by trying something new. They feel it does not look the way they would like it to.  If it doesn’t look like a photograph or the way they think is perfect it isn’t good.    They may start a project and then make a “mistake “ and need to start over completely.  This may happen over and over. Making art that doesn’t live up to their expectations and standards can cause anxiety and frustration .  The end result may be complete abandonment of creating art.  The process of creating art become unpleasant and unrewarding . Just another place to fail.  The challenge for this type of artist is to keep making art even though they are in a state of constant disappointment or dissatisfaction .  Another challenge is to keep them moving forward by trying new things.

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