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Gluten Free - BurgersThere is some truth to the fact that some gluten free foods tend to cost more than their counterparts.  Often many have a hard time finding foods to meet their dietary restrictions.  There is a simple solution to this challenge: Think single ingredient.

Some refer to the single ingredient foods as whole foods. But basically, it’s JUST chicken, JUST ground beef, JUST green beans, JUST corn, JUST potatoes, etc. You get the idea. These are foods that are not part of mixes or packages.  Single ingredient foods are just that, no added ingredients.

Let’s consider a simple yet typical scenario of taking the family out for burgers. At a sit down restaurant you may pay $6-10 for a burger and maybe they will toss in some fries with the order. How much is a pound of ground chicken, turkey or beef? About $4-5. How many burgers can you make from this pound of meat? Maybe 3 to 4, depending on how large you make the burgers. Gluten free buns cost about $2-4 per bun, but even at this price, you are still far ahead on price from the restaurant.

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