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As stated in the first installment of this series, there are different types of auditory processing deficits or APD. And, for each specific type, there are different systems involved and, thus, different recommendations for treatment. This section discusses the various categories and a sample treatment for each category.

Lucker’s Multi-System Integrative Model of Auditory Processing
The approach in developing these categories was completed by this professional looking not at how people with auditory processing problems have difficulties processing what they hear, but looking at how typically developing children develop their listening and processing skills.

What this professional found was that at the beginning, all that the infant reveals is awareness of the presence of sound. Yet, there are some children with such severe auditory processing difficulties that they are not aware of or they do not react to the presence of sound. Most of these children have hearing loss, so we need to rule that out first. Others may be in the autism spectrum or have other developmental delays.

Sound Localization
The problem being aware of the presence of sound is demonstrated by the child not responding to sound, its source and its location. We often refer to this as sound localization. The problem is often a sensory based issue and not one of the auditory system unless a hearing loss or auditory neurological disorder is present. Thus, the treatment of auditory awareness problems is sensory based usually through work done with an occupational therapist (OT).

Sound Intervention
One program this professional has often recommended in such cases is the use of a sound intervention or listening programs such as:

There are other listening therapies, but these are the ones with which this professional has had the most experience.

The next installment in this series discusses Auditory Discrimination.

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