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About Cindy Goldrich, Ed.M., ACAC

Cindy Goldrich, Ed.M., ACAC, is a certified ADHD Coach and Parenting Specialist, providing education, tools, strategies and support to help parents reduce the arguing, stress and chaos that so often exist on a daily basis. Coaching and Parent Trainings are provided in person and on the phone. For more information, visit: PTS Coaching.

Set Kids Up for Success – How Kids Learn Best

Help Kids Learn

A few years back, I went to an amazing conference in Virginia attended by the top neuropsychologists and educators in the country.  The conference boasted three days of intense learning about HOW kids really learn best, what makes learning and performing more challenging for some kids, and what we can all do to improve our […]

What is the Best Way to Support Your Child in the Classroom?


If your child is struggling in school, it is important to uncover the issues that are creating the challenges before any appropriate intervention can be made.  For many children, it’s not the content of the academics that is creating the difficulty, but rather the process of learning and performing that is more challenging.  For these […]

School Help for the Child Struggling with Distractions and Lack of Focus


For a child in school who struggles with ADHD and or sensory issues, just being able to truly HEAR what the teacher is saying, FOLLOW the visual information presented, and in some cases, WRITE DOWN the necessary information to review later can be a big challenge.  Is it best to modify the environment or expectations […]

It’s Just a Question…


Have you ever said or done something and the other person with you reacts more strongly or differently than you might have expected?  Perhaps you mention to your friend that you are going to be a few minutes late for tomorrow’s luncheon.  You receive a harsh comeback when you had not anticipated a problem with […]

What is So Difficult About Doing Homework?


Okay, you have resolved some of the more obvious homework issues. You have systems in place to help ensure that the proper information and materials arrive home with our child. Your child has been given a second set of books to keep at home.  Yet, somehow, getting the homework completed at a quality level and […]

Sports, Coaches, and Kids with ADHD and Other Challenges


For some children, extracurricular activities can be more stressful than school.  While most kids are out there joining teams and having a good time, some children are struggling to fit in and find their comfort zone.  Children who have ADHD and other special needs often find that learning the skills of the sport are only […]

Teach your Child the Skill of Calm


As any parent who has worked with me knows, I always say, “it starts with Calm”.  Without a calm child and a calm parent, no learning can take place and no problems can be solved. While this may be an easy concept to grasp, getting to a calm place is often no easy task.  One […]

Help a Teacher to Understand Your Child


It’s 8 am.  The kids are pulling in to school after a long break.   Mrs. S. enters the main office to ask, calmly but assertively, to speak to the Principal.  He greets her with confusion and concern.  Mrs. S. reports that she needs to talk with her son’s Social Studies teacher, NOW! She has prepared […]

Great Apps for Parents and Kids


There seems to be an explosion of new apps being developed for computers, tablets and smartphones each day.  While it can seem overwhelming, some of these apps are worth learning about.  And the best part is that most of them are free or very inexpensive. For those still unfamiliar with what an “app” is, think […]

12 Tips to Help Your Child (and You!) Sleep


It’s 11 pm and you’ve gone into your child’s room for the 5th time. You stay calm, you rub his back AGAIN, tell him to look at the stars painted on the ceiling and to just try to sleep. After nights of yelling, punishing, bribing and begging you realize in your frustration that he is […]

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