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smartkids-socksDistractions. They seam (misspelling intended) to creep up everywhere with some sensitive children.

Delays. They seam (again, misspelling intended) to occur just when you don’t want them to.

Meltdowns. They seam (are you seeing a pattern yet) to occur when our sensitive kids put their foot down – literally.

And what can be the cause of all this? You got it. Seams! Especially seamed socks.

Oh, the times we have been frustrated by a twitchy young man tugging his socks off instead of paying attention to whatever he was supposed to be doing. And, the days that have been less-than-pleasant getting out the front door – stopped dead by the necessity of putting on socks and shoes. And, alas, the cries of, “I don’t want those socks,” we have heard!

So, we have turned socks inside out as an Occupational Therapist suggested and we have bought “too big” socks with some success. But, a truer solution came to us one day last year in the form of three pairs of socks to review: [easyazon-link asin=”B006A8H5HW” locale=”us”]Smartknit Kid’s Seamless Socks[/easyazon-link].

After our son had tried the white, blue and black ones for over two weeks, all we could say was, “Hooray!” For while at first he had balked that they looked too small (and they did compared to the “too big” socks we had bought to ease the sock-battles), once we got [easyazon-link asin=”B006A8H5HW” locale=”us”]SmartKnitKids socks[/easyazon-link] on him the first time, the fight ended. The socks stretched to fit his feet well, hugging without hurting his foot and ankle.

Our son immediately recognized their comfort. No seams in the foot area to distract him. No tightness at the top to bother him. Just regular old sock wearing. And, if you have a sock-sensitive child, you know that such wearing is anything but regular.

Now, after months of trying [easyazon-link asin=”B006A8H5HW” locale=”us”]SmartKnitKids socks[/easyazon-link] out under all sorts of circumstances – Music and Movement class, Storytime, playdates, longish car rides, church, woodsy hikes, etc. – we can say they truly pass muster! They don’t bunch, fall down nor – best of all – incite balking.

Yep, since wearing [easyazon-link asin=”B006A8H5HW” locale=”us”]SmartKnitKids socks[/easyazon-link], seldom does out son squirm to kick off his shoes to ditch his socks, and this usually only happens in the car, where boredom and habits are hard to break. (And, for the record, when he first did this, I asked him if his socks were bothering him and he said they weren’t. He was just bored.) So, as far as comfort for our son’s feet and our ears go, [easyazon-link asin=”B006A8H5HW” locale=”us”]SmartKnit socks[/easyazon-link] are keepers!

And, how about quality? After months of wash and wear, we have no complaints! The socks are made of 97.3% polyester and 2.7% lycra spun into a cocoon that starts from toe to ankle with no seams. They don’t seem to pull, pill nor get little strings hanging out of them the way some socks do. They have no heel, so they can be put on any which way – a boon for kiddo-independence. And, the heelless feature should also make the socks last longer.

So, we can honestly say that the mom who developed these socks, who had a sock-sensitive son herself, really hit on something. As the tagline on the package these socks come in says, there are “no seams to bug ya.” That is absolutely true.  Inside the package are just quality socks that may be just what you need to prevent sock-induced delays, distractions and meltdowns in your home, too.

Thank you SmartKnitKids for this everyday solution!


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