Calming Essential Oils: How to Use Them with Children?

by Tiffani Lawton, RN

Danette Schott, publisher of SOS Research, compiled a comprehensive listing of articles from the blogosphere for parents who are stumped for sleep solutions.  This compilation is a must read for parents seeking new resourceful information.

Four articles from the OUR Journey THRU Autism Archives can be found within.  Dr. Greene,  contributed to Excess Electrical Energy: A Sleep Culprit?  Other OUR Journey THRU Autism resourceful articles included:
Is Your Child Missing Sleep?
Calming Your Child’s Sensational Brain for Sleep
Considering Natural Botanicals For Sleep?

To follow up, Dr. Greene shares suggestions for the use of calming essential oils for children.

Dr. Greene’s Suggests
Four oils that blend well together, considered to be safe for children and known for their calming, relaxing, and/or grounding effects are:

  • Benzoin
  • Camomile
  • Lavender
  • Neroli

As described below, the oils can be used in a hot bath, used as massage oils, and/or used for inhalation by placing hot water in a bowl, adding the oil, and draping the head and the bowl with a towel to create a little “steam tent.” The blended oils can also be used in commercial diffusers and vaporizors.

Safety Tips for Children

Never use pure essential oils for children, except for Lavender in small doses for wounds and burns.

Always dilute essential oils with a carrier oil. For example, blend essential oil with almond, jojoba or olive oil. Organic, cold-pressed, food grade carrier oils are best.

Massage If using oils for massaging, use a diluted blend of 1%-2%. See below for dilutions.

Bath If using oils in a bath, do not use more than four drops of the diluted oil at a time.

Inhalation If using the oils for inhalation from a bowl, never leave a child unattended.  For inhalation, start with approximately half a minute. This can be increased to 1-2 minutes as the child gets used to it and can tolerate longer inhalation. If the steam inhalation proves too much, you can do “cold” inhalation using one drop of diluted oil on your finger or on a tissue.

Never Oral  Never give a child essential oils orally.

1 ml. = approx. 20 drops
1% dilution = 10 drops of essential oil to 50 ml. carrier oil
2% dilution = 25 drops of essential oil to 50 ml. carrier oil

Dr. Debra Greene authored, Endless Energy: The Essential Guide to Energy Health, endorsed by bestselling authors and received a rave review in the journal Advances in Mind-Body Medicine. Along with Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, J. K. Rowling, and other notable women, Greene authored a chapter on Energy Medicine in the new award winning book, Goddess Shift: Women Leading for a Change.

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