Make Social Learning Stick: New Friends, New School Year

social learning

A new school year usually means new teachers, new classmates, and new friendships. For most children, making and keeping friends is essential to building confidence and having a sense of well-being at school. Although the connections happen at school, there is a lot that can be done to facilitate awareness, knowledge, and growth behind the […]

Teach Your Child to Say a Sound Correctly

teach your child to say a sound correctly

Does your child have trouble saying certain sounds? Have you tried correcting your child but he still says it wrong? Many children have trouble saying certain sounds when they’re little, but as the age, they should become more clear.  Here are some guidelines to help you know if your child is on track: 2-year-olds should […]

Auditory Processing: Memory, Organization and Integration

Auditory Memory

In a seven part series, I covered the multiple components involved with an Auditory Processing Disorder. I opened the discussion by describing the multi-system approach and moved into the sensory component to auditory processing, auditory discrimination, auditory hyper-sensitivity, auditory extraction, as well as auditory attention and distractibility. This final article in the series will introduce […]

Treating Speech Problems in Children with Autism

oral placement therapy

Children on the autism spectrum frequently have speech and language disorders with related attention and sensory processing problems. This combination of factors makes speech development and learning particularly complex. Speech and Sensory Systems Speech is one of the most refined fine-motor functions in the body. Several sensory systems need to work together for speech to […]

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month #BHSM

Identify the Signs

This year’s #BHSM theme is “Communication Disorders are Treatable” and the awareness efforts have taken flight all over the web highlighting a new topic each week, including: Newborn hearing screening and follow up Noise-induced hearing loss in children Communication issues related to autism – Language and literacy – coming soon The “Identify the Signs” campaign […]

Speech and Language Therapy for Teens

That's Life Social Language

According to The Autism Sourcebook written by Karen Siff Exkorn, “Speech and language therapy helps a child to communicate more effectively both verbally and nonverbally, using words and/or body language.” I am grateful that the public school system provided speech and language therapy for my son, JJ, for 15 years. During his early intervention years […]

Language Development: Proactive Parenting from Birth


If you are reading this article, you probably have a child  or work with a child with an “ism” or a challenge.  Yet, when you think about it, everyone has “isms.” I have been a speech-language pathologist (SLP) for over 30 years. I am also a mom and have had two siblings with defined “isms.” […]

Three Key Components of Speech and Language Disorders


Many people think of Speech Therapists as people who work with children who have a hard time making speech sounds, like a kid with a ‘lisp’. Language, however, is much more comprehensive than speech sounds, and Speech and Language Pathologists work with clients who have difficulty in many different areas of language. Speech and Language […]

Jumpstarting Communication Skills in Children with Autism

Jumpstarting Communication Skills

Although no two children with autism look alike, there are common characteristics that they will possess. Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) will demonstrate deficits in their verbal and nonverbal communication and social skills, as well as, have restricted and repetitive behaviors and interests. Jumpstarting Communication Skills in Children with Autism: A Parents’ Guide […]

Auditory Discrimination – What is that Sound?

auditory discrimination

After our sensory and auditory systems are aware of the presence of sound, we recognize the pattern of the sound we hear. This leads to what we often call auditory discrimination. This level of auditory processing involves a combination of the auditory system and the cognitive system. Visit the first article in this series, entitled […]

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