Make Social Learning Stick: New Friends, New School Year

social learning

A new school year usually means new teachers, new classmates, and new friendships. For most children, making and keeping friends is essential to building confidence and having a sense of well-being at school. Although the connections happen at school, there is a lot that can be done to facilitate awareness, knowledge, and growth behind the […]

Create Comic Strip Conversations

Comic Strip Conversations

I facilitate group discussions with both parents and middle school aged kids on the spectrum.  We work on learning how to construct comic strip conversations.  Comic strip conversations get to the intention behind behaviors.  They also help to extrapolate information verbal discussion would not decipher. The social context, the behavior, the thought/intent behind the behavior, […]

What Did You Say? What Did You Mean?

What did you say

The ability to understand metaphors can be a challenge for kids with a variety of isms.  Children with autism, Asperger’s or auditory processing isms often have difficulty understanding figurative language.  Children on the autism spectrum tend to use and comprehend language literally and expect words to mean exactly what they say. Children with an auditory […]

Social Skills Groups 101

Social Skills 2

As interest in social skills development has increased, so has the understanding that some children have more difficulty than others decoding the various social cues that many of us take for granted.  We have begun to appreciate that many children who are struggling socially do so not because they are “attention seeking” or because they […]

An iPad is a Great Tool

ipad and apps for special needs

I remember when  first came out. My dad was the first one in my family to get one. I didn’t want one; I felt like it was silly because I had an iPod Touch which could do the same things as the  and was smaller. Well, after playing on my dad’s  more and more I […]

Talking Train App

talking train

Do you know a child who tells too much information? Goes on and on and on (and on)? Goes off topic? One who doesn’t ask questions of their peers? Can’t put events in order? Can’t create simple stories? Well we know lots of kids that struggle with these skills, and we have developed a tool […]

Autism and Communication: An Interview with Sondra Williams


Communication is difficult for many individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Even verbal individuals with Autism can struggle with communication. It is important to remember that there is more to communication than being able to speak. I am very verbal and enjoy talking to people every chance I get. Yet I still struggle with communication. […]

Drill, Baby, Drill!


Drill, baby, drill! That can be the first instinct when you are a parent of a child with a communication or language disorder.  When that child is nonverbal and you so desparately want that child to be verbal.  To talk. When J-man was still nonverbal, I dreamed about hearing him say even the most mundane […]

Enhance Social Skills with Story Telling

Social Stories

JJ, my 22-year-old with ASD, was taught everyday social skills visually as a child through the form of story telling. In 1991, Carol Gray created “Social Stories” as a vehicle to teach social skills to children on the spectrum. Originally fueled by grassroots enthusiasm, she later confirmed this technique as an evidenced-base practice, and earned […]

Helping Autistic Children Learn to Speak and Communicate


We waited for words for the first five years of R’s life. My husband and  I had invested a lot in speech. We had great therapists. We  did all the techniques: Floortime, Hanen, Verbal Behavior… But it would be 2 ½ years before any words would come. Here are all the hurdles we faced and […]

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