Jumpstarting Communication Skills in Children with Autism

Jumpstarting Communication Skills

Although no two children with autism look alike, there are common characteristics that they will possess. Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) will demonstrate deficits in their verbal and nonverbal communication and social skills, as well as, have restricted and repetitive behaviors and interests. Jumpstarting Communication Skills in Children with Autism: A Parents’ Guide […]

Social Skills Groups 101

Social Skills 2

As interest in social skills development has increased, so has the understanding that some children have more difficulty than others decoding the various social cues that many of us take for granted.  We have begun to appreciate that many children who are struggling socially do so not because they are “attention seeking” or because they […]

Social Play: Successful Tips for Parents

social play milestones

Parents want their children to be successful and independent in their social interactions, but they also want to protect their child from unwanted confrontations and bullying. It can be challenging.  Let me explain the progression of social play and how a parent can support their child. Children in the early years are not sure how […]

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Strategies for Success in the Work Force

worksplace Asperger;s

Many adults with special needs, such as Asperger’s, who are in the work force have special talents, such as impressive visual alertness, a depth of knowledge and intense in specific areas of interest. 1. Social Language Skills (Pragmatic Language) However, two areas are often difficult for people with Asperger’s. The first area is pragmatic or […]

Getting the Hang of Social Timing, Part 2


Social interactions and conversations have rhythm and flow.  Just like a beloved melody or a good joke, timing is everything.  And yet, for some kids, this is just another one of those social nuances that is not salient to them. “Hey, Guess What?” Last month, I began a series of posts dedicated to promoting a […]

The Tale of a Tattletale


Have you ever known a tattletale? You know, the kid in the class who always tells the teacher what everyone else is doing wrong? We have all known kids from our childhood who had the job of telling. I call it a job because many of my clients feel it is their duty to tell, […]

Getting the Hang of Social Timing, Part 1

hey guess what

Understanding the rhythm of social interactions is something that comes naturally to many of us, but not to all.  Kids who don’t intuitively know when to “pass” a conversation along to another person run the risk of being socially isolated.  Once a child gets a reputation for going on and on and on, it can […]

The Other Social Skill: Saying Good-Bye and its Role in Maintaining Relationships


I recently completed a social skills program with Chris, my 11 year-old son, geared toward teaching kids with autism and other social processing deficits the basic pragmatics of engaging in social contact with other people. We saw the usual topics: maintaining eye contact, listening to what the other person or people are saying, facing toward […]

Autism and Communication: An Interview with Sondra Williams


Communication is difficult for many individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Even verbal individuals with Autism can struggle with communication. It is important to remember that there is more to communication than being able to speak. I am very verbal and enjoy talking to people every chance I get. Yet I still struggle with communication. […]

Drill, Baby, Drill!


Drill, baby, drill! That can be the first instinct when you are a parent of a child with a communication or language disorder.  When that child is nonverbal and you so desparately want that child to be verbal.  To talk. When J-man was still nonverbal, I dreamed about hearing him say even the most mundane […]

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