Going Gluten-Free? 5 Tips for the Transition

Gluten Free Home

If you read my article last month, you know that I am the only person in my family who is not on a strict 100% gluten-free (GF) diet. BOTH of my children, and later my husband, were diagnosed with celiac disease just over a year ago. The only treatment for celiac disease is to religiously […]

Gluten Free Diet: On the Fence?

Gluten Free Baking

“When children ingest foods containing gluten, their intestines leak toxins that are absorbed into their bloodstream. These toxins work their way to the child’s brain and bind to the opiate receptors. The gluten products that have been ingested, therefore, drug the child. The children react as if they are on morphine or heroin, creating behavioral […]

Calcium Concerns on a Casein Diet


Many parents worry about nutritional loss if they put their child on a Casein-Free diet. Parents become concerned that their child may not get enough of the recommended amounts of calcium through casein free alternatives. Although calcium is usually fulfilled by the intake of dairy products, there are other ways to consume the appropriate recommendations […]

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Going Gluten Free | From Professional to Parent: Crossing the Great Divide

Going Gluten Free

I knew about the gluten-free diet long before it became mainstream. I have worked as a clinician in the field of autism for years, and even as early as the late nineties many of my clients were on or were interested in the gluten-free (GF) diet, or it’s more complicated sister, the gluten-free/casein-free (GF/CF) diet. […]

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Boost Dietary Iron and Improve Behavioral Isms

blood work

There is a strong correlation of developmental delays and behavioral isms with iron deficient anemia.  There are multiple studies that discuss the impacts of iron deficiency, specifically its impact on behavior and development.  Visit Google Scholar and search for iron deficient anemia and behavior and you will discover a plethora of studies examining the impacts […]

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Starting a Casein Free Diet

Going Casein Free

“Casein, one of the proteins in milk and dairy products, is particularly difficult to digest. These molecules are known to stimulate opiate receptors in the brain thus producing “brain fog” and quite literally an addiction to casein containing foods. A child who craves dairy products and who largely limits his diet to dairy has a […]

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Calm Your Child’s ‘Sensational’ Brain For Sleep

Sleep - Sensory

A common complaint for many caregivers of children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) is sleeping issues. Since we brought our daughter, Jaimie home from the hospital, she has had trouble with sleeping. For her, it’s a combination of a few factors: she isn’t able to tune out noises around her and she is not capable […]

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Think Outside the Box – Low Budget Gluten Free Ideas

Gluten Free - Burgers

There is some truth to the fact that some gluten free foods tend to cost more than their counterparts.  Often many have a hard time finding foods to meet their dietary restrictions.  There is a simple solution to this challenge: Think single ingredient. Some refer to the single ingredient foods as whole foods. But basically, […]

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Consider Going Yeast-Free to Alleviate Related Issues


There are other diet avenues to pursue in addition to gluten-free casein-free (GFCF) that may help alleviate certain health issues. One of those dietary avenues includes yeast-free. What is Yeast? When I talk about yeast, I am not talking about the ingredient used to make breads. I am referring to Candida Albicans, a fungal organism […]

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Navigating the Nightmare of Special Needs School Lunches


One of the things that I hate the most about the end of school term is digging out the old mouldy sandwiches from my son’s school bag. Recently however, things have gotten much worse. He started complaining to me that his bag was very heavy and after giving it a moment of thought I decided […]

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