Calcium Concerns on a Casein Diet


Many parents worry about nutritional loss if they put their child on a Casein-Free diet. Parents become concerned that their child may not get enough of the recommended amounts of calcium through casein free alternatives. Although calcium is usually fulfilled by the intake of dairy products, there are other ways to consume the appropriate recommendations […]

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Boost Dietary Iron and Improve Behavioral Isms

blood work

There is a strong correlation of developmental delays and behavioral isms with iron deficient anemia.  There are multiple studies that discuss the impacts of iron deficiency, specifically its impact on behavior and development.  Visit Google Scholar and search for iron deficient anemia and behavior and you will discover a plethora of studies examining the impacts […]

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Calm Your Child’s ‘Sensational’ Brain For Sleep

Sleep - Sensory

A common complaint for many caregivers of children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) is sleeping issues. Since we brought our daughter, Jaimie home from the hospital, she has had trouble with sleeping. For her, it’s a combination of a few factors: she isn’t able to tune out noises around her and she is not capable […]

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Is Soy a Safe Alternative for our Casein Free Kids?


Soy is a common substitute for dairy on a casein free diet. Since it is promoted as a “health food”, parents often feel good about feeding their children soymilk as well as other soy-based substitutes for dairy such as ice cream and cheese. But is soy really a health food? Read on to learn why […]

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Superimmunity for Back to School


As soon as school begins each September, pediatricians’ offices inevitably fill with children with acute illnesses – colds, coughs, ear infections, sinus infections, intestinal viruses and flus. For many families the seemingly endless parade of illness begins again. At best, a flu shot might prevent influenza. What to do about all the other illnesses? There’s […]

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A Couple Hints to Make Your GFCF Lifestyle a Little Simpler

gfcf diet hints

Many people want to know little hints to make things a bit easier when they are living a GFCF (Gluten-Free, Casein-Free) lifestyle. Help is on the way! One of my favorite hints, learned from a chef at a Disneyland restaurant, is to use club soda in place of the liquid in pancakes and waffles. (Whole […]

Develop an Eating Plan for the Picky Eater


When my 17-year-old stepdaughter, Emily, first came to live with us, we would prepare lovely meals and she would pick at her food, move her food around her plate and hardly eat at all. Some of the items we prepared she had never been exposed to: ribs and rice; pasta with vegetables and meat sauce; […]

3 Things I Wish I Knew During My First College Semester


Today, I’m going to write a fun piece about the top three things I wish I did differently last semester. As you all know, last semester was my first college semester at the University of Florida. In many ways, I don’t think I did it 100% “correct”, even though in many ways I did have […]

Tips to Protect Against Illness During a Natural Disaster


Many families affected by a natural disaster have had to move in with other family members or friends. Some may need to live in these more crowded living arrangements for quite some time. This close proximity can lead to acute illnesses – colds, coughs, ear infections, sinus infections, intestinal viruses and the flu. At best, […]

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5 Sensory Ways to Celebrate Fruits and Veggies More Matters Month


Did you know that we are half-way through Fruits and Veggies More Matters Month?   More importantly, are you struggling with getting some nutrition into your picky eater? Then, you may want to include fruits and vegetables in your child’s sensory diet in the near future.  For despite the common reprimand among the general population of […]

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