Calcium Concerns on a Casein Diet


Many parents worry about nutritional loss if they put their child on a Casein-Free diet. Parents become concerned that their child may not get enough of the recommended amounts of calcium through casein free alternatives. Although calcium is usually fulfilled by the intake of dairy products, there are other ways to consume the appropriate recommendations […]

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Tips to Protect Against Illness During a Natural Disaster


Many families affected by a natural disaster have had to move in with other family members or friends. Some may need to live in these more crowded living arrangements for quite some time. This close proximity can lead to acute illnesses – colds, coughs, ear infections, sinus infections, intestinal viruses and the flu. At best, […]

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To Dye or not to Dye..That is the Important Question


How would you answer this question? “Do you agree/disagree that the absence of synthetic food dyes in America’s food supply will not adversely affect the otherwise poor behavior of elementary school children pertaining to non-academic related subject matter? Be mindful when answering this question that an affirmative response must necessarily negate the presence of non-synthetic […]

Lost Nutrition? Fiber


Gluten-free grains have plenty of fiber. There are many ways to continue to attain fiber in your diet. Of course fruits and vegetables are a good way to start to add fiber into your daily routine. Several theories exist on the proper amount of fiber needed in the daily diet. Some sources state that a […]

Good Nutrition, Sneaky Chef Style

In general, most kids are picky eaters.  However, kids with oral sensory isms tend to be an bit of an additional challenge.  Thus the success of the book entitled, . Long before that book was a thought, I played sneaky chef with my oldest son (now going on 23).  He decided at age 3 that […]

Smart Food Choices for Increased Calcium Intake


Some parents use a special diet free of casein while other parents simply cannot get their kiddos to eat more than 3 foods.  We all know just how important calcium intake is.  Most calcium comes from dairy products…however, for those who are on a dairy free diet, there are some other options. Foods rich in […]

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Improve Focus With Food

Whether inattention is part of your child’s ADHD, ASD, SPD or something else…think about dietary adjustments.  There are a few easy and well recommended suggestions to tweak the diet to achieve improved focus and attention to task.  For many, the concept of going on a full blown diet can be downright intimidating, but you can […]

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