Transitioning to Adulthood: Prepping for College

Freshman Survival Guide for College Students with Autism

Hi everyone!! I hope you have been enjoying your summer so far! First off to start: I have some super great news for you all! My new book, “A Freshman Survival Guide for College Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders: The Stuff Nobody Tells You About” is officially available! I could not be more excited to […]

Harry the Happy Caterpillar Grows: Helping Children Adjust to Change

Harry the Happy Caterpillar

Children feel safe with stability and sameness. The idea of change can bring about stress. But for a child with isms, change can be that much more difficult. When a child with isms has figured certain things out in his life, change can appear to be too challenging and he does not want to have […]

Transitions: Simple Steps to Keep Your Child “On Track”

schedule board - transitions

Transitions, simply put in the preschool world, is moving from one place or activity to another.  Should be easy, right? Well, not so much for many young children.  The importance of learning to go with the program and follow the classroom routine is paramount to your child’s success as your child goes through school.  A […]

6 Tips to Prepare Now for Transition to Adulthood

adult transitions

Many times when we ring in a new year, we make resolutions. We start new diets, exercise regularly, read more, etc. and “resolve” to due better in these areas of our life. Although statistics confirm that the majority of resolutions are broken rather quickly, it’s still important to make an effort to consider some positive […]

5 Tips for Better Transitions

Transitions - School Bus

Transitions are rough for many of us. As a parent, I even struggle when transitioning from the peace and quiet of my home office to the hustle and bustle that instantly ensues when my three lively children walk in the door each afternoon. For our kids with sensory challenges, transitions can mean going from one […]

Paddy the Weighted Platypus

Paddy the Platypus - Green

A therapeutic platypus?… Yes, you heard correctly. Paddy, a weighted platypus, provides therapeutic sensory input to those who use him. Giving loving comfort to children, this platypus is an instant hit. Produced by The Sensory Gallery, this delightful weighted creature is a must have therapy tool for teachers, parents, and therapists. An Anywhere Calming and […]

Using Visual Supports to Aid with Transitions

First Day 2011

We have three children, each unique with the back to school ritual. The daughter was ready to purchase back to school supplies in mid-July and had her closets and desk organized in anticipation of the workload and expectations at the new middle school. The youngest was unsure about school, simply because it means having to […]

Thinking About the Age Old Question: “How Was School Today?”


As kids are getting back into the swing of school, there is always this burning question every parent is dying to ask as soon as their child gets off the bus or into the car, “How was school today?” It’s a natural question as it shows parents are interested and curious about their son/daughter’s day. […]

Easing Transitions Through Activity Disengagement


Transitions are known to be difficult for any child with isms.  Having sat in IEP meetings as an Occupational Therapist (OT), and having sat in my own child’s IEP meetings, it doesn’t take long for the word to pop up.  There’s a knowing tone of voice when the word lands and settles.  All parties nod. […]

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A Day at Monster Jam: Tips for Preparing “those” Summer Events


Summer is a time many families are looking for those fun, high interest activities to do with their kids. As a counselor, one of the biggest fears I often hear from parents is, “We want to plan fun things for Jacob, but what if it turns out bad?! What if he has a break down? […]

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