Does Handwriting Get Better With Practice?

Building Sponge Towers

I read somewhere that all children can improve their writing skills with a lot of practice.  Unfortunately, that is not quite true.  Handwriting isn’t simply about putting pencil to paper.  It is a complex activity that requires efficient visual, fine, and gross motor skills in order to be mastered.  When a child struggles with handwriting […]

Ten Tips for Summer Handwriting Fun!


Summer is a opportunity for children of all ages to spend more time on outdoor play and less time “hitting the books!”  Although learning does not end with the school term, desk work becomes less appealing as the pools and playgrounds open for the season.  The neatest thing about handwriting practice, however, is that it […]

Solutions for the Struggles of Left-Handed Writers

Left-handed writers benefit from a vertical slant

Left-handed writers can be a menacing force in the classroom when it comes to handwriting instruction!  Their struggles are confusing for teachers and parents and can result in a great deal of stress for the students.  A search of the web can offer some help, but most often very few of the tips or adaptations […]

Why is Handwriting so Hard?

handwriting challenges

For most of us, handwriting is second nature. Certainly we practiced it enough in school. And although our script might have “evolved” over the years (not always for the better), we all remember repeatedly practicing upper and lower case letters and staying between the lines. Maybe your handwriting wasn’t the best, but most likely it […]

Handwriting and Music: The Strong Correlation


How many of us can remember the endless and tedious penmanship exercises we had to endure learning to write cursive? We sat for hours practicing our loops, swirls, circles, etc., sometimes being allowed to use a pen, but at other times only a pencil, until we developed enough skill. If only we had been allowed […]

Helping With Handwriting


Many children struggle with handwriting and completing worksheets.  They may experience hand weakness and poor endurance.  If this sounds like your child, you may need to get creative when it comes to getting your child to put on paper what is in his mind. Here are a variety of strategies that can be changed daily […]

The Cutting Truth: Activities to Develop Scissor Skills


Scissor skills are an important part of every child’s early childhood development. Although most of us recognize that fact, we don’t always realize why children need scissor skills. Aside from the obvious use of scissors, there is also a relationship between scissor skills and writing, and then between writing and reading. Research shows that children […]

7 Sloppy Handwriting Solutions, Part 3


Many educators and parents experience sloppy handwriting from their students and children. Handwriting is a complex task and cannot be “cured” overnight. Many components lead to legible handwriting and sometimes working on even one or two can make a huge improvement. 7 Sloppy Handwriting Solutions, Part 1 addressed the first four components: memory of each letter, […]

7 Sloppy Handwriting Solutions, Part 2


December’s article discussed 4 out of the 7 sloppy handwriting issues that many educators and parents are seeing on a daily basis. Sloppy handwriting is not something that can be “cured” overnight. Handwriting is a complex task and there are many components that lead to legible handwriting. Sometimes addressing one or two components can make […]

7 Sloppy Handwriting Solutions, Part 1


There are many components that lead to legible handwriting, which can be overwhelming for many children. As parents and professionals, we need to keep the end goal in mind. Are we there to make sure that every letter is written perfectly? Actually, our goal should be to make sure that they can express themselves in […]

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