Move Into Fall & Process Sensory Information More Efficiently

Movement in Fall

The air is crisp and the colors are bright. Autumn is a perfect time of year for your action seekers! Movement not only builds strength but its good for the bones, heart, lungs and brain. In addition, it acts as a great sensory filter helping to process incoming sensory information more efficiently. The cool air […]

7 Family Fun Indoor Activities

Bowling - Strength

I know spring is right around the corner but for some people when the snow is still on the ground, it means downhill skiing, sledding, and snowmobiling. Others, however, aren’t as eager to head out into the snow. Some children with sensory issues may find it challenging to tolerate the cold, texture of the snow […]

Sensory Motor Fun in the Snow


Few things compare to the opportunities for a fun workout than playing in the snow. Get the kids outside and get moving and then warm up with a large mug of hot chocolate. Exercise is beneficial for all children, but has additional benefits for children with sensory processing disorders, low tone and anxiety disorders. In […]

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Therapeutic Holiday Gift Guide – Great Gift Ideas for 7 “Isms”

Therapeutic Holiday Gift Giving

With the holidays quickly approaching, it may be hard to figure out an appropriate gift to give to children impacted by various special needs. While some toys are good for any kid, having some gift ideas specifically geared towards various “isms” or challenges might be helpful. While each person is unique in his or her […]

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Holiday Gift Giving Ideas by the Ism


Shopping for gifts during the holidays can be overwhelming. But if you have a child with special needs, this task can be even more difficult. Your child may have a narrow range of interests, or there may be skill deficits to keep in consideration. In addition, most of us are spending money on various therapies, […]

Therapeutic Benefits of Using Yoga in Occupational Therapy


As an occupational therapist, I have used yoga in a variety of ways with clients I’ve worked with.  Yoga is a great way to build strength and body awareness and also improves sensory processing and regulation.  Yoga can be used with clients young and old. For example, I have used “cat” and “cow” postures to […]

Gain Sensory Input During Family Time

exercise 1

No matter the motivation behind increasing physical activity, success will be had if you get the whole family moving together.  The more a family can build movement into their daily schedule, the more the children will develop that habit for the rest of their lives.  They say that a body in motion stays in motion, […]

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Exercise Balls: What To Do With Them?

Exercise Ball

Exercise or therapy balls have been used in the therapy world for many years as a tool for core strengthening, developmental exercises, and for sensory stimulation. More recently they have popped up in gyms and people’s homes as an inexpensive, fun and dynamic piece of exercise equipment. What is the Right Size? One of the […]

Bowling for Strengthening, Coordination and Much More


Bowling is a wonderful sensory activity for kids.  It offers heavy work, motor planning, strengthening, and visual motor planning.  My boys LOVE to go bowling, but we can’t always make it to the bowling alley. So now, with the following idea, we can get creative and do a bit of “batty bowling” right in our […]

No Longer Left Behind! Family Bike Rides for Fun

Courtesy of Audrey Schroth

Did you know that May is National Bike Month? What a great excuse to get the family outside and on a family bike ride. However, families that experience “isms” might find that a family bike outing is impossible or, at a minimum, a challenging prospect. You might be pleasantly surprised at how many biking type […]

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