Move Into Fall & Process Sensory Information More Efficiently

Movement in Fall

The air is crisp and the colors are bright. Autumn is a perfect time of year for your action seekers! Movement not only builds strength but its good for the bones, heart, lungs and brain. In addition, it acts as a great sensory filter helping to process incoming sensory information more efficiently. The cool air […]

Hand Dominance: Is My Child Ambidextrous?

Bilateral Integration

Within the first few minutes of my observation, one thing that becomes instantly apparent amongst children referred for Occupational Therapy (OT), are differences in bilateral integration and sequencing, reluctance to cross midline, and poor midline weight distribution and balance. Bilateral integration is the coordination of right and left sides of the body. Children with differences […]

Motor Planning and Organization: An Overview

motor skills

Motor planning is using the brain to direct the body to be able to sequence and perform goal-directed motor tasks.  Learning to ride a bike, tie shoelaces, and learning karate or dance moves are all examples of learning new motor tasks. Whereas most children can learn these tasks with relatively few repetitions, children with autism […]

Bowling for Strengthening, Coordination and Much More


Bowling is a wonderful sensory activity for kids.  It offers heavy work, motor planning, strengthening, and visual motor planning.  My boys LOVE to go bowling, but we can’t always make it to the bowling alley. So now, with the following idea, we can get creative and do a bit of “batty bowling” right in our […]

Gear Up for Summer with Sensory Fun


Get ready for summertime and plan some sensory fun for you and your child. If you live in Oregon where I live, then summer took its sweet time to get here and is still trying to make up its mind. If you live in the south where my family lives, you may have already had […]

From Thinking To Doing: How to Help Children Develop Automatic Movement Skills

how to catch a ball

Children are very clever. When something is hard, many kids can think it out and use cognitive skills to overcome a sensory-motor challenge. This is a great compensation tool when necessary, but we want children to have automatic motor skills, so they can focus on listening, learning, and interacting, rather than thinking about the underlying […]

Conquering the Motor Challenges


“I’m doing it! I’m doing it!” yells an exuberant 8 year-old boy as he rides away from me on his bike. This young boy has a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and dyspraxia and was so frightened to just sit on his bike with training wheels 4 months ago that he held on to […]

Tunnels Help Develop Motor Skills and Muscle Strength


Use this alone or combine it with the . You can also add the  to the tent. All these items are sold separately, for the ultimate play experience. They feature sturdy spring steel construction for lasting fun and collapse down for easy storage. These play items are ideal for children who may benefit from weight […]

5 Ways to Encourage Independent Play


As we move into the new year, we will continue to have crazy weather.  Sometimes weather too poor to send our children out to play.  Yet, there is work to be done, kids to be entertained. So what’s a busy parent to do? Some may resort to electronic babysitters such as TV, DVD or video […]

6 Tips to Teach a Child with Autism How to Throw and Catch


To throw and catch a ball may seem like such a basic skill, but for a child on the autism spectrum and other special needs it may seem more challenging than going for an Olympic gold medal!  It is amazing the amount of skills involved that are typically taken for granted – for instance:  motivation […]

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