Parents: Are you Sensory Defensive with a Sensory Seeking Child?

Parental Sensory Overwhelm

We often work with families where there is a significant mismatch between one or both parents and their child. Understanding not only how their child experiences the world, but also how they do is the first step towards creating a more harmonious home life for everyone. Are You Sensitive and/or a Significant Introvert? Do loud […]

From Fish to Dogs – Selecting a Therapeutic Pet

Fish - Calming Sensory Input

I know a lot of parents of children with various isms who refuse to get a pet because they’re worried that their child will harm it or that it will take too much effort to care for a pet.  Unenlightened, they seem to feel that pets could be a bad thing.  Pets are one of […]

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Three Simple Ways to Make a Weighted Blanket


“It’s 11 pm and you’ve gone into your child’s room for the 5th time. You stay calm, you rub his back AGAIN, tell him to look at the stars painted on the ceiling and to just try to sleep. After nights of yelling, punishing, bribing and begging you realize in your frustration that he is […]

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A Quest toward Forgiveness, a New Year’s Resolution


“To err is human; to forgive, divine.” – Alexander Pope With each New Year, my resolutions are usually focused on trying something new or on some type of character-building quest. One of my resolutions in years past was to learn more about the act of “forgiveness” as I am admittedly challenged. It isn’t easy for […]

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Calm Your Child’s ‘Sensational’ Brain For Sleep

Sleep - Sensory

A common complaint for many caregivers of children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) is sleeping issues. Since we brought our daughter, Jaimie home from the hospital, she has had trouble with sleeping. For her, it’s a combination of a few factors: she isn’t able to tune out noises around her and she is not capable […]

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Holidays Without Stress: How to Make the Holidays Work for Your Family

Holiday Stress

We’re not that different from Pavlov’s dogs, who famously drooled at the sound of a bell that had been associated with food. Triggers in our environment cue us to engage in certain behaviours. This is why you catch a glimpse of tinsel or hear holiday music piped in over the PR system, and you’re suddenly […]

Homeopathy for Influenza


Homeopathy has a great record for helping people recover from influenza infections. The easiest homeopathic remedy to use for influenza is Oscillococcinum which is specific for treating influenza and may be used by anyone age two years and up. It is a homeopathic medicine made from the livers of wild ducks that is widely available […]

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Secrets to Avoiding a Stressful Holiday Season

Holiday Safety

The holiday season is one of the most stressful times of the year for many people. Anxiety can come from a number of places—overbearing relatives, congested malls, wondering if you finally made the Nice List (fingers crossed! Ah, who am I kidding?) And while you can’t control wild Black Friday shoppers or the grumpy Grinch at […]

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To Stim or Not to Stim


According to the Autism Sourcebook by Karen Siff Exkorn, “stimming” or self stimulatory behavior is a repetitive behavior that releases opiate-like substances in the brain called beta-endorphins which can produce either a euphoric or anesthetic effect. Stimming can create a feeling of tranquility for those who are feeling over-stimulated. Typical Stimming Behaviors Include: hand flapping; […]

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Calming Activities for both Anxiety & Sensory Issues


With three daughters in their tweens and early teens, mornings around our house are still my least favorite time of day. But when my girls were a little younger, there were mornings I was certain that I wouldn’t survive the school year with my sanity intact.  Two of my three darlings went through a phase […]

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