A Quest toward Forgiveness, a New Year’s Resolution


“To err is human; to forgive, divine.” – Alexander Pope With each New Year, my resolutions are usually focused on trying something new or on some type of character-building quest. One of my resolutions in years past was to learn more about the act of “forgiveness” as I am admittedly challenged. It isn’t easy for […]

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Three Steps to Help Our Kids Thrive


I met Alicia when she was 14 years old, as a freshman in high school.  I was a youth ministry intern while in college and she was part of the youth group. Alicia was friendly, but not very talkative.  I could see that Alicia had a pretty thick wall of emotions and pain hiding behind […]

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Shift Your Focus During a Tantrum: God Spoke to Me


It was a beautiful day as I cheerily loaded my kids in the car to take my youngest son, Jake, to Occupational Therapy.  He eagerly climbed his 7-year-old body into his car seat.  Jake LOVED to “go see Amy,” his therapist,  because there is an indoor gym area, lots of fun swings and large motor […]

It Takes a Village: Special Needs Ministries


I have seen many “support” organizations come and go over the decades while raising a child with autism. Organizations are few and far between that support parents and families of the special needs population. I feel compelled to explore systems of support. One system that has been around for centuries has piqued my interest; the […]

One Path to Find Spiritual Strength


I am going to take a different approach this month and focus on what got me through some very difficult and challenging times raising a child with special needs; my spiritual strength. “The Lord is close to the broken hearted, He rescues those who are crushed in Spirit,” Psalm 34:18. There were many times I […]

Four Tips for Surviving (and enjoying!) Church Services with Your Children


I remember sitting in church as a child every Sunday alongside my family. My brother and I would often doodle on the bulletin or I would play with little toys I carefully chose to fit in my sparkly purse. Occasionally we would become giggly and my dad would give us the glare that didn’t need […]

Book Review – Autism and Your Church – Revised & Updated Edition


I recently received a copy of Autism and Your Church: Nurturing the Spiritual Growth of People with Autism Spectrum Disorder written by Barbara J. Newman from Friendship Ministries. Having read the original version of this book, I was thrilled to review this revised and updated version and was immediately impressed with the revisions. As in […]

The Amazing Power of Energy Healing with a Splash of Divine Networking


As this past January came to a close, Jen’s son, Johnny began to limp. A visit to the doctor prompted an x-ray of the hip of which revealed no injury. However, only two weeks later, Johnny was unable to walk. He was admitted to the hospital where he spent two weeks undergoing testing. The results? […]

The Child with Autism – Learns about Faith: A Review


For the past eleven years, I have worked as an Instructional Aide focusing mainly on students with severe autism. During these years, I have met many families of various faith backgrounds who have had both positive and negative experiences in trying to keep their families involved in a religious setting. Many families were very encouraged […]

The Child with Autism Learns about Faith


It can be a struggle for families with children with special needs to find a good religious fit–whether that is attending a church, a synagogue,  or any other place of worship. Many religious organizations are becoming aware of the need to offer something for children with special needs and Kathy Labosh’s new book is helping […]

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