10 Strategies to Safeguard Your Wandering Child for Back-To-School

wandering safety

Watching the news, I have noticed a very dangerous trend among the autism community – precarious situations or even death due to children wandering out of safety and into risky environments. Upon further research, I noticed that wandering is a common tendency with individuals with a variety of special needs. Whether a child is overwhelmed […]

Teaching “No Means No”


The older of our two autistic sons has been dealing with a bully in his first grade class. His third bully in as many years. We have been working with him on being assertive with people treating him in unwanted ways. He’s come far in that respect, but still has trouble matching his facial expression […]

Secrets to Avoiding a Stressful Holiday Season

Holiday Safety

The holiday season is one of the most stressful times of the year for many people. Anxiety can come from a number of places—overbearing relatives, congested malls, wondering if you finally made the Nice List (fingers crossed! Ah, who am I kidding?) And while you can’t control wild Black Friday shoppers or the grumpy Grinch at […]

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Mindfulness Can Increase Your Child’s Awareness and Safety


Accidents happen. Did you know the chant, “OM, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti” at the end of a yoga class is a request for protection from three kinds of accidents or causes of suffering? We say “Shanti”, the Sanskrit word for “peace”, to free us from: Internal suffering: illness and our negative thoughts, such as worry, hatred […]

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Keeping the Child with Sensory Issues Safe


If you have a child with poor sensory registration and/or sensory seeking behavior, keeping him or her safe can be a challenge. Both poor body awareness, as well as overt sensory seeking, create potential for injuries. Poor Registration of Pain and Temperature Many children with poor sensory registration are not aware when they are hurt, […]

Lessons from A Tragedy: The Death of Alex Spourdalakis

Alex Spourdalakis

My heart broke when I read the tragic story of Alex Spourdalakis, the fourteen-year-old child with autism and severe behavioural challenges killed by his mother and godmother as part of a murder/double-suicide pact (Zennie, M.). The two women survived the suicide attempt after being discovered by authorities who were contacted after Alex’s dad tried repeatedly […]

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Safety Concerns Beyond Wandering


Thinking about National Safety Month, I realize that my safety concerns are not the same as many readers with children on the spectrum or with other special needs. My son is not inclined to wander. Rather, I find myself coaching him to try out greater and greater distances from the side of my leg so […]

3 Rip Tide Rescue Tips That Could Save a Life


Having gone on family vacations to various beaches since I was a small child, I’ve never been afraid of swimming in the ocean.  Even when the waves were big or rough, I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of trying to ride them to shore.  I’ve become a bit more chicken, or maybe wiser, now that I’m […]

Prevent Your Child From Running into Unsafe Situations


Running from a safe situation into an unsafe one is a very common reaction for children with special needs, in particular, for those with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). This usually happens when the child with SPD is overwhelmed or overstimulated. What you have to remember is that your child is often in ‘fight and flight’ […]

Safety Awareness in Independent Living

safety independent living

Part of living independently on a college campus, or anywhere for that matter, involves being safe when you’re living alone, or are going other places. I want to provide a few tips on safety and special needs from what I’ve learned from experience. Cell Phone Use If you have a cell phone, always keep it […]

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