From Fish to Dogs – Selecting a Therapeutic Pet

Fish - Calming Sensory Input

I know a lot of parents of children with various isms who refuse to get a pet because they’re worried that their child will harm it or that it will take too much effort to care for a pet.  Unenlightened, they seem to feel that pets could be a bad thing.  Pets are one of […]

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Pet Ownership and the Benefits to Special Needs Kids

benefits to having a pet

We have known for some time that pets can alleviate stress in individuals. Just the presence of an animal can be soothing and anxiety reducing. Pets have been used to boost both the mental and physical health of individuals in hospitals, prisons, and senior care homes. Benefits to Having a Pet Children with special needs, […]

A Pet’s Impact on the Emotions of a Special Needs Kid


I wish I could say my son loved and related to animals, but I can’t. I read about other kids with neuroatypicality similar to his (ADHD & Asperger’s Syndrome) who bond with pets, and I am jealous. My son – we call him Clark Kent – never has. When he was seven, we bought a […]

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