Three Simple Ways to Make a Weighted Blanket


“It’s 11 pm and you’ve gone into your child’s room for the 5th time. You stay calm, you rub his back AGAIN, tell him to look at the stars painted on the ceiling and to just try to sleep. After nights of yelling, punishing, bribing and begging you realize in your frustration that he is […]

Calm Your Child’s ‘Sensational’ Brain For Sleep

Sleep - Sensory

A common complaint for many caregivers of children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) is sleeping issues. Since we brought our daughter, Jaimie home from the hospital, she has had trouble with sleeping. For her, it’s a combination of a few factors: she isn’t able to tune out noises around her and she is not capable […]

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Holidays Without Stress: How to Make the Holidays Work for Your Family

Holiday Stress

We’re not that different from Pavlov’s dogs, who famously drooled at the sound of a bell that had been associated with food. Triggers in our environment cue us to engage in certain behaviours. This is why you catch a glimpse of tinsel or hear holiday music piped in over the PR system, and you’re suddenly […]

Will My Kid Ever Sleep?

sleep deprivation

For many parents, the issue of whether their child will sleep at night is an ongoing concern. Sleep is vital for the physical, emotional and cognitive growth and development of children. The amount of sleep a child requires varies throughout childhood. Sleep influences their concentration, focus, productivity and mood throughout the day. Experiencing a lack […]

Strategies to Overcome 3 Common Sleep Problems


Summer can be filled with lots of outings and travels. This can result in not only family schedules, diets and digestive systems going off balance, but also sleep routines. Now that school is around the corner, our kids need to get back on a schedule to ensure that they get the proper amount of sleep […]

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7 Tips To Address Sleep Deprivation

sleep deprivation

Getting our children to sleep at night can be a monumental challenge. It is one of THE most talked about topics on various forums and message boards. When our children do not sleep, we do not sleep and thus we are not functioning at our optimum. 1. Oral Supplements Many parents suggest solutions that include […]

3 Things I Wish I Knew During My First College Semester


Today, I’m going to write a fun piece about the top three things I wish I did differently last semester. As you all know, last semester was my first college semester at the University of Florida. In many ways, I don’t think I did it 100% “correct”, even though in many ways I did have […]

Hyperactivity, Insomnia and Behavior Problems, It’s What’s For Dinner


Polywhatisms? Very quietly, and without much fanfare, a study was released in the September 2010 edition of the American Journal of Psychiatry indicating a link between food dye and ADHD symptoms. With a name like “The Role of Histamine Degradation Gene Polymorphisms in Moderating the Effects of Food Additives on Children’s ADHD Symptoms” it’s not […]

Students Living and Coping With Sensory Differences


As an individual with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, I experience sensory differences. These sensory differences can and often do impact my day-to-day life. One important thing to remember is that I have always had these sensory differences or challenges, therefore, I do not know what life would be like if I did not have them. […]

Great Apps for Parents and Kids


There seems to be an explosion of new apps being developed for computers, tablets and smartphones each day.  While it can seem overwhelming, some of these apps are worth learning about.  And the best part is that most of them are free or very inexpensive. For those still unfamiliar with what an “app” is, think […]

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