Five Strategies to Avoid Meltdowns and Tantrums


We’ve all “been there done that” in the epicenter of a major behavioral meltdown or a terrible temper tantrum out in public. Whether “we” are the audience or actually part of the “performance,” these explosive behaviors can be both embarrassing and physically dangerous for those involved. The best approach for dealing with meltdowns or tantrums […]

Parents: Are you Sensory Defensive with a Sensory Seeking Child?

Parental Sensory Overwhelm

We often work with families where there is a significant mismatch between one or both parents and their child. Understanding not only how their child experiences the world, but also how they do is the first step towards creating a more harmonious home life for everyone. Are You Sensitive and/or a Significant Introvert? Do loud […]

Holidays Without Stress: How to Make the Holidays Work for Your Family

Holiday Stress

We’re not that different from Pavlov’s dogs, who famously drooled at the sound of a bell that had been associated with food. Triggers in our environment cue us to engage in certain behaviours. This is why you catch a glimpse of tinsel or hear holiday music piped in over the PR system, and you’re suddenly […]

To Stim or Not to Stim


According to the Autism Sourcebook by Karen Siff Exkorn, “stimming” or self stimulatory behavior is a repetitive behavior that releases opiate-like substances in the brain called beta-endorphins which can produce either a euphoric or anesthetic effect. Stimming can create a feeling of tranquility for those who are feeling over-stimulated. Typical Stimming Behaviors Include: hand flapping; […]

Calming Activities for both Anxiety & Sensory Issues


With three daughters in their tweens and early teens, mornings around our house are still my least favorite time of day. But when my girls were a little younger, there were mornings I was certain that I wouldn’t survive the school year with my sanity intact.  Two of my three darlings went through a phase […]

Prepare Kids with Isms for Holiday Dining

Thanksgiving Dinner

Imagine being a school-age child with sensory sensitivities and food allergies. It’s probably pretty difficult to navigate an ordinary day full of classroom and hallway noise, the smells of the cafeteria, the shouts and screams from the playground, the multitude of other kids who all make noise and need things… Now, take that same kid, […]

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A Visit with the Worry Witch: Guided Relaxation for Kids

worry witch

Life in general can be stressful. Having difficulty processing sensory information can make life even more stressful. Giving children a tool they can use to manage and reduce stress may help them learn better, sleep better and feel more connected in life. Guided relaxation techniques use the power of imagery and suggestion to guide the […]

Paddy the Weighted Platypus

Paddy the Platypus - Green

A therapeutic platypus?… Yes, you heard correctly. Paddy, a weighted platypus, provides therapeutic sensory input to those who use him. Giving loving comfort to children, this platypus is an instant hit. Produced by The Sensory Gallery, this delightful weighted creature is a must have therapy tool for teachers, parents, and therapists. An Anywhere Calming and […]

Express Anxiety through Simple and Creative Strategies


If anxiety is in full swing now that school is in session, make note of what the child is doing. All behavior is communication, so what can we do to create channels and open lines? Using Art We have used clay as a way to get kids to “show” us what is happening. Sometimes they […]

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Start a Stress Reducing Routine for the New School Year


It’s time to get ready for “back to school”. Even those who stay home for school are gearing up for the academic season. Hopefully the whole family has been able to enjoy plenty of unstructured free play in the great outdoors all summer long. This is by far one of the most accessible, effective and […]

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