Vacation Planning? Air Travel Made Easier

air travel

Gone are the days of the splendor of air travel. The style, the glamour and the “fun” of air travel glory days are long gone and replaced by cumbersome (but necessary) TSA security checkpoints, long lines, carry-on meals and baggage fees. Flying is no longer the luxurious experience that my grandparents experienced by getting dressed […]

Mardi Gras Craft Ideas Fit for A King or Queen

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is a French phrase for Fat Tuesday, more formally known as Shrove Tuesday. This is the holiday to celebrate and eat like a glutton because the following day is Ash Wednesday, marking the beginning of Lent. During Lent, Christians give up something they enjoy (usually a favorite food) for 40 days leading up […]

5 Ways to Win Your Kids Heart on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Fun

Valentine’s Day might evoke enjoyable past memories of exchanging Valentine’s cards with loved ones, playing party games and enjoying delicious food. However, for some, simply the idea of any special holiday can conjure up memories of anxious social situations, sensory nightmares and unsavory unfamiliar foods. I think it’s time to “take back” this holiday! Start […]

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Superbowl Sensory Snack Sensations

Football - Superbowl

Whether you are an NFL football fan or not, pretty much everyone realizes when the NFL Super Bowl championship game is played. TV commercials and grocery store displays shout out this information in one way or another.  You and your children can have some sensory and fine motor fun while learning valuable life skills. This […]

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Out of the Routine: 3 Tips for Adjusting to the Holiday Break


Holidays are here. Presents are open. Family is visiting. The routines are a mess.  Though we may love the fact that we don’t have to get our children up at the crack of dawn and can hang out all day in our pj’s if we want, the routine we have set up for our children […]

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Help Children Graciously Accept Disappointing Gifts

Unwanted Gifts - Behavior

It happens quite often, a child wants a cool new game and ends up getting a pair of socks. If this is your child, especially your child with isms, how might you handle it without embarrassing the gift-giver or your child? First, prepare.  The best idea is to talk to your kids about the spirit […]

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Holidays Without Stress: How to Make the Holidays Work for Your Family

Holiday Stress

We’re not that different from Pavlov’s dogs, who famously drooled at the sound of a bell that had been associated with food. Triggers in our environment cue us to engage in certain behaviours. This is why you catch a glimpse of tinsel or hear holiday music piped in over the PR system, and you’re suddenly […]

Vacations and Tips for Traveling with Your Sensitive Child

Sensory Travel Kids

In Traveling with a Sensory Seeking Child we explored strategies to support your child on vacation if he or she is a sensory seeker, but what if your child is sensitive, more of a sensory avoider. Some children have nervous systems that are easily overwhelmed. They may demonstrate sensory defensiveness and/or poor sensory regulation/modulation. As […]

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Sensory Suggestions for the Holiday Season

Sensory Gift Giving

It’s getting closer and closer to that time! The children begin to get excited about the holiday adventures and wonder.  Now the question is “what do I get my child with sensory issues?” or even better yet, “what to tell Grandma and Grandpa to get your child with sensory issues”? Sensitivities and Needs  Some children […]

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5 Ways to Use Wrapping Paper for Sensory Diets


No matter what your faith tradition, it seems that at this is the time of year wrapping paper is ubiquitous. Instead of tossing your torn pieces out, try looking at them with an eye for sensory diet fun. Today’s Challenge: Wrapping paper Original Purpose: Wrapping gifts With Sensory Savvy Lenses: Free tools for fine motor, […]

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