Discover Summer Camp Success for Your Special Needs Child

special needs camp

Happy summer, everyone! Today’s topic is addressing one of the summer’s most difficult challenges: summer camps. Selecting a Camp Depending on what type of camp your child attends, whether it be a typical camp or a special needs camp, you will need to determine whether or not you notify the camp of your child’s needs. […]

How Can Scouting Help Children with Special Needs?


If you’re like I was and have never been involved with scouting, you probably have the impression that scouting is all about camping and testosterone and that there is absolutely no place for children with special needs. I’m here to tell you that this view is completely wrong, that scouting lays much of the crucial […]

Keep Summer Camps Simple and Focus on Fun


As the school year winds down, I hear many of my parent friends lamenting the long summer ahead.  Summer vacation can be an even bigger challenge for parents of kids with special needs. I am the lucky mom of two amazing daughters:  Lizzie, my fifteen year-old aspiring actress with Asperger’s, deals well with transitions and […]

Your Strong-Willed Child at Summer Camp

special needs summer camp

If you have a strong-willed child, you probably notice that they are charismatic and creative, move quickly, make their own rules, and let you know what they want and when they want it (now!).  They tell other children what to do and refuse to do what they don’t want to do.  Your strong-willed child may […]

Your Uniquely Quirky Child at Summer Camp

summer camp for special needs kids

Your child loves computers, video games, or anything mechanical.  He or she would love to stay in the house and play on the iPad or computer all day every day.  It is unnerving and a little (or maybe a lot) scary to see how absorbed your child becomes in these devices. You plot and plan […]

Your Exuberant Child at Summer Camp

special needs summer camp

Camp seems like the perfect place for an exuberant child who is excited about everything.  However, these are also the kids who may melt down at home or unexpectedly, at camp.  They may seem fine one minute and then explosive the next.  Here are a few tips and suggestions for helping your energetic child have […]

Your Cautious Child at Summer Camp

summer camp shy child

The cautious, sensitive, maybe shy and serious temperament can be one of the toughest to manage during these raucous camp days.  Parents want their child to have lots of friends, fun in the sun and go wild at camp but these kids may have another idea or other needs. One of the trickiest things about […]

Whole Body Tools to Engage a Group of Kids During Summer Camp

whole body exercises summer camp

With summer approaching, the thoughts of summer camps and kid groups are dancing in our heads.  As professionals these groups can be exciting as we get to choose what we love to do and turn it into a session of weekly groups for the kids we love to work with.  However, a smidge of anxiety […]

Respecting Your Child’s Temperament Summer Camp

selecting a summer camp special needs

Every spring parents ask us about summer camps that would be appropriate for their sons or daughters; camps that embrace neurodiversity.   And every year I tell myself I’m going to search the area for the best camps so I have a great resource list.  But each year I can’t seem to get my act together […]

Best Kept Secrets for Helping Your Child Succeed in Summer Programs


My church is in the midst of a very exciting and fun-filled Vacation Bible School (VBS) week. I recently talked on the phone at length with the VBS Director regarding how to best support a 10-year old girl who is in the program. During the first couple days, the girl had been exhibiting many challenging […]

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