Vacation Planning? Air Travel Made Easier

air travel

Gone are the days of the splendor of air travel. The style, the glamour and the “fun” of air travel glory days are long gone and replaced by cumbersome (but necessary) TSA security checkpoints, long lines, carry-on meals and baggage fees. Flying is no longer the luxurious experience that my grandparents experienced by getting dressed […]

Vacations and Tips for Traveling with Your Sensitive Child

Sensory Travel Kids

In Traveling with a Sensory Seeking Child we explored strategies to support your child on vacation if he or she is a sensory seeker, but what if your child is sensitive, more of a sensory avoider. Some children have nervous systems that are easily overwhelmed. They may demonstrate sensory defensiveness and/or poor sensory regulation/modulation. As […]

Address Isms During a Teddy Bear Picnic of Family Fun


Summer is in full swing and  what better way to celebrate with your family than to create your own Teddy Bear Picnic. The official Teddy Bear Picnic Day is July 10, but I don’t think the Teddy Bear Police Department will come arrest you when you choose another day to celebrate. This is a great […]

Celebrate Holidays and Vacations with Success


I hope everyone has a safe and Happy 4th of July!  Certainly want to thank all those who have served the USA and realize that freedom isn’t free! As I was contemplating on what to blog about this month I realized that it might be helpful to discuss holidays and special-ism children. Not just Christmas […]

3 Rip Tide Rescue Tips That Could Save a Life


Having gone on family vacations to various beaches since I was a small child, I’ve never been afraid of swimming in the ocean.  Even when the waves were big or rough, I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of trying to ride them to shore.  I’ve become a bit more chicken, or maybe wiser, now that I’m […]

STAYcation–The Perfect Alternative


Several years ago while stationed overseas for my husband’s job my children and I embarked on what has now become a much beloved tradition. It was a national holiday and all the locals had headed out of the city leaving us expats all to ourselves. But with our money situation being as short as my […]

12 Considerations for a Sensory Savvy Road Trip

sensory road trip car trip

It’s summer time.  A prime season for family travel.  Whether your family is filled with seasoned travelers or is headed out for your first major road trip ever, if you have a child with sensory challenges, it helps to think ahead.  Join me in putting on Sensory Savvy lenses to help ensure smoother travels. Today’s […]

Tips for Making a Family Cruise Hassle-Free

special needs vacation

Many of you forego family vacations for numerous reasons, in whole or in part, connected to your journey with autism, sensory processing disorder, or some other special need. Autism on the Seas would like to change that. Back in 2011, my family utilized the free/no-cost services of Autism on the Seas (see Cruise Assistance Package […]

A Lucky 13 Ideas to Help You Plan Ahead for a Successful Spring Break


Spring Break is something that many of us looked forward to in school. It was a well-deserved break from all of our hard work. It was time to get away or just relax at home. For some parents with kids who have special needs, hearing the words “Spring Break” can be like speaking the name […]

Tips for Eating Out GFCF-Style


Sadly, eating out “chemical free” probably doesn’t exist, unless you go to a natural or health food store. But, let’s focus on being gluten-free casein-free (GFCF) for now, to at least allow your family to be able to eat out while on vacation or just being out in your area. GF Restaurants The great news […]

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