Create Comic Strip Conversations

Comic Strip Conversations

I facilitate group discussions with both parents and middle school aged kids on the spectrum.  We work on learning how to construct comic strip conversations.  Comic strip conversations get to the intention behind behaviors.  They also help to extrapolate information verbal discussion would not decipher. The social context, the behavior, the thought/intent behind the behavior, […]

A QUEST for Social Skills

A Quest for Social Skills

JoEllen Cumpata, a speech language pathologist, and Susan Fell, a school social worker, created a school-based social skills program. This program is designed to help middle school students with pragmatic language deficits and social skills deficits.  The program is called QUEST and stands for Questioning, Understanding, and Exploring Social Skills and Pragmatic Language Together. Students […]

A is for Autism, F is for Friend


A Is for Autism F Is for Friend: A Kid’s Book for Making Friends with a Child Who Has Autism is a very valuable tool in teaching children about their peers who have Autism. I love how the book is told from Chelsea’s point of view. Chelsea is 11 years old and has “severe” Autism. […]

A Charming Story About Autism, Horses and Friendship

apples for cheyenne

“Apples for Cheyenne: A story about autism, friendship and horses” written by Elizabeth King Gerlach and illustrated by Kim Miller is a delightful children’s book that touched me on a personal and professional level. I grew up in a family affected by autism, and during those growing up years, my favorite hobby was horseback riding. […]

Don’t You Get It? Living with Auditory Learning Disabilities

Don't You Get It

“Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) affects as many as 5 percent of children. It has been called a “hidden disability” because it is often mistaken for everything from odd behavior and deafness to other disorders such as ADHD or sometimes even autism. It is none of those things. It is a processing problem, considered a learning […]

1-2-3 Magic – Effective Discipline Strategies

1-2-3 Magic

1-2-3 Magic 4th Edition is an easy to read, how to guide of one of the most tried and true discipline techniques. Dr. Phelan walks you through a simple three step process that will correct even the most challenging behaviors, which you can implement in your home right away. Step 1: Controlling Obnoxious Behavior Using […]

I Get It! I Get It! How John Figures It Out

I Get It I Get It

“I Get It! I Get It! How John Figures It Out, is about a boy’s triumph over Auditory Processing Disorder from a child’s point of view. Colorful illustrations bring to life John’s journey from confusion to understanding. John encounters difficult situations at home and in school. He loses faith in himself and feels overwhelmed, frustrated […]

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Autism: Gravity Pulls You In

Gravity Pulls You In

View the universe of autism–its marvels, chaos, and life-changing impacts–through the eyes of the contributors to Gravity Pulls You In. In 33 essays and poems, mothers and fathers raising children on the autism spectrum explore their lives in the context of autism’s own special gravity, discovering what’s important and what they find centering. Editors Kyra […]

Squirmy Wormy: How I Learned To Help Myself

Squirmy Wormy

This enjoyable and visually appealing children’s book is a perfect read for any little squirm worm. An inspiring and colorful picture book, the author takes you through various scenarios with Tyler, a little boy with sensory processing disorder. Squirmy Wormy is a wonderful way to teach your child to learn the “whys and hows” when […]

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What Did You Say? What Did You Mean?

What did you say

The ability to understand metaphors can be a challenge for kids with a variety of isms.  Children with autism, Asperger’s or auditory processing isms often have difficulty understanding figurative language.  Children on the autism spectrum tend to use and comprehend language literally and expect words to mean exactly what they say. Children with an auditory […]

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