Delightfully Different Special Showcase


I just had the opportunity to read a wonderful book, titled  by D.S. Walker. This book tells the story of a girl named Mia, and her family’s journey to love and acceptance through her special needs journey. As I continued to read this book, the story got so good I just could not put it […]

Girl Power! All About Girls on the Spectrum


Having a child with autism can be challenging on its own, but having or being a girl on the autism spectrum (AS) can make it even harder. For one thing, it’s not uncommon for the initial diagnosis to be delayed. The symptoms of AS are not always as evident in girls as in boys. Sometimes […]

My Parent Has an Autism Spectrum Disorder – Book Review


by Barbara Lester is an excellent tool for children and teens. It offers a unique perspective which is specifically for the child who has a parent with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Using kid-friendly language, it serves dual purposes as both an instructional guide and workbook. Barbara Lester launches the book by detailing growing up […]

Middle School with an ASD – Strive to Thrive or (at least) Survive


Middle school years are full of challenges. Adding Autism Spectrum Disorder to the mix might just create a recipe for disaster. Many adults with ASD say that middle school was a nightmare. Temple Grandin adds that this was one of the worst parts of her life. Helping your ASD Teen Thrive Without getting into the […]

The Aspie Teen’s Survival Guide – A Professional Perspective

by Barbara Lester, LCSW I was excited to sit down and read “The Aspie Teen’s Survival Guide: Candid Advice for Teens, Tweens, and Parents, from a Young Man with Asperger’s Syndrome” by J.D. Kraus. Every day at my office I listen to one autism spectrum teen after another who feels rejected and misunderstood. It breaks […]

A QUEST for Social Skills for Students with Autism or Asperger’s: A Review

by Martianne Stanger Ready-to-use lessons with games, role-play, experiential stories, activities, and more! What middle school teacher or support staff member could not use a comprehensive, yet simple-to-use, book and accompanying CD filled with these? As an experienced middle school teacher – and one who has had several children with Asperger’s in past classes – […]

What it Is to Be Me! Sharing Books on Autism with your Kids on the Spectrum


Recently, the topic of introducing the subject of autism to kids (who are on the spectrum) has been on my radar. Having so many friends who have kids being diagnosed on the autism spectrum, has led some of them to approach me on suggested books used to help their children better understand why they are […]

Asperger Syndrome: What Teachers Need to Know

[fbshare]Matt Winter was initially a teacher and tutor, with experience with working with children with Asperger’s Syndrome (AS). Clare Lawrence is currently a teacher who also has experience working with children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). She is also the mother of a child with AS. These two combined their knowledge and wrote Asperger […]

Embracing Asperger’s: A Primer for Parents and Professionals

[fbshare]Richard Bromfield, Ph.D., is a faculty member of Harvard Medical School, has a private practice in Boston, Massachusetts, and writes on topics such as psychotherapy, children, and family life. He is also the author of Embracing Asperger’s: A Primer for Parents and Professionals. In the introduction, Dr. Bromfield acknowledges that parents and teachers offer interventions […]

An Interview with Jeff Kraus, Author of “The Aspie Teen’s Survival Guide”


Jeff Kraus is the author of The Aspie Teen’s Survival Guide and he is a young man with Asperger’s. Using his unique perspective he shares his personal insight to help teens with Asperger’s find success in high school, with friendships, and in the other important areas of a teen’s life. I reviewed his book and […]

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