1-2-3 Magic – Effective Discipline Strategies

1-2-3 Magic

1-2-3 Magic 4th Edition is an easy to read, how to guide of one of the most tried and true discipline techniques. Dr. Phelan walks you through a simple three step process that will correct even the most challenging behaviors, which you can implement in your home right away. Step 1: Controlling Obnoxious Behavior Using […]

The Adolescent Owner’s Manual


“Children today are tyrants. They contradict their parents, gobble their food, and tyrannize their teachers.” This is how David Laing Dawson, M.D., opens up his book, . Is this a quote from a parent, a teacher, a child expert? No, it is Socrates and demonstrates that parents have had troubles with their teens for as […]

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Parallel Play: Wanting the Same Toy as His Playmate


Do you wonder why children want the same toy when they are surrounded by other stimulating and maybe more fun toys?  This is typical for children from the age of two to three years.  It is referred to as Parallel Play, the second stage of play.  I covered the first stage of Solitary Play in […]

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Look at My Eyes: Giveaway and Special Showcase


I had the pleasure of “meeting” TheFowler4, Melanie and Seth Fowler, parents of two children, one of whom has autism. Melanie and Seth maintain Look at My Eyes, their blog that addresses “scientifically proven effective methods” for treating autism. I now have the pleasure of reviewing their new book,Look at My Eyes: Autism Spectrum Disorders: […]

Girl Power! All About Girls on the Spectrum


Having a child with autism can be challenging on its own, but having or being a girl on the autism spectrum (AS) can make it even harder. For one thing, it’s not uncommon for the initial diagnosis to be delayed. The symptoms of AS are not always as evident in girls as in boys. Sometimes […]

My Parent Has an Autism Spectrum Disorder – Book Review


by Barbara Lester is an excellent tool for children and teens. It offers a unique perspective which is specifically for the child who has a parent with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Using kid-friendly language, it serves dual purposes as both an instructional guide and workbook. Barbara Lester launches the book by detailing growing up […]

Sensory Parenting: Everything is Easier When Your Child’s Senses are Happy!


Sensory Parenting:  Everything is Easier When Your Child’s Senses are Happy! By Britt Collins and Jackie Linder Olson  is a welcomed addition to the resource books available for both parents of children with sensory processing disorder and parents who want to use sensory strategies and activities to promote their child’s happiness and optimal development. The […]

The Child with Autism – Learns about Faith: A Review


For the past eleven years, I have worked as an Instructional Aide focusing mainly on students with severe autism. During these years, I have met many families of various faith backgrounds who have had both positive and negative experiences in trying to keep their families involved in a religious setting. Many families were very encouraged […]

The Child with Autism Learns about Faith


It can be a struggle for families with children with special needs to find a good religious fit–whether that is attending a church, a synagogue,  or any other place of worship. Many religious organizations are becoming aware of the need to offer something for children with special needs and Kathy Labosh’s new book is helping […]

Nobody Ever Told Me (or my Mother) That!


The development of the human baby is very complex. So many amazing things happen, especially the first two years of a child’s life. If you have been as fortunate as most parents to have raised your child from birth, you may not even be aware of critical developmental skills and milestones that occur so early […]

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