MoveAbout Activity Cards – A Deck of Sensory Motor Fun

MoveAbout Activity Cards

Pretty soon you will begin to see back-to-school signs and flyers popping up everywhere.  This will signal to you and your family that it it might be time to “up” the focus on sensory diets. If your child is anything like mine, sensory challenges are amplified by changes and transitions. Moving from one season to […]

Paddy the Weighted Platypus

Paddy the Platypus - Green

A therapeutic platypus?… Yes, you heard correctly. Paddy, a weighted platypus, provides therapeutic sensory input to those who use him. Giving loving comfort to children, this platypus is an instant hit. Produced by The Sensory Gallery, this delightful weighted creature is a must have therapy tool for teachers, parents, and therapists. An Anywhere Calming and […]

Seat Cushions as an Option for Sitting Still

seat cushions

We are halfway through the school year and our children’s struggles, whatever they may be, are more apparent by now. For some, the challenge may be the inability to sit still in the classroom. As Bonnie Hacker, MHS, OTR/L stated in Sensory Solutions in the Classroom for the Kid Who Cannot Sit Still: “For the […]

Using a Body Sox for Sensory Input


The is great for children with sensory issues. The material is see-through and breathable. Children become enraptured as they begin to understand and explore the three-dimensional space they individually occupy. Your kids will soon discover the calming and organizing effect of the . Great for those with Sensory Processing Disorder, autism, ADHD, and Asperger’s. Features […]

Thumbs (Or Should We Say Toes) Up For SmartKnitKids


Distractions. They seam (misspelling intended) to creep up everywhere with some sensitive children. Delays. They seam (again, misspelling intended) to occur just when you don’t want them to. Meltdowns. They seam (are you seeing a pattern yet) to occur when our sensitive kids put their foot down – literally. And what can be the cause […]

The Yoga Garden Game – Special Showcase

yoga garden game

“The nervous system is the control center of our body and mind. Children who have “Isms” may already be experiencing “interference” or “overload” at the level of the nervous system and need help modulating moods, emotions and behavior.” – Mira Binzen Yoga can help with modulation and self-regulation. Jennifer Durand, a San Francisco yoga teacher […]

BrainWorks Special Showcase: An Unparalleled Sensory Diet Tool

Brain Works Exercise Band

As a parent of a child with sensory issues, I have spent the past few years pouring through books, websites and recommendations for a simple at-home system that our family can use to consistently empower our son to select appropriate activities to regulate his sensory system.  While my research has led me to discovering a […]

Brainworks Lifetime Digital Access for Sensory Diets


Gwen Wild, OTR/L, states, “A sensory diet is the strategic use of sensory activities. While most of us use sensory strategies without really thinking about it (drinking coffee to stay alert, listening to soothing music to unwind, jogging to release tension, etc.), some children and adults have sensory needs that require a more intentional approach.”  […]

A Family’s Body Sox Experience


It’s big. It’s green. It’s shiny. It crawls, jumps, rolls and otherwise makes its way down my hallway regularly. What is it? One or two of my children getting some great proprioceptive, deep pressure and tactile experiences in our , which was provided to us for review. What a great OT tool it is! Far […]

Special Showcase: Keep Your Sensory Sensitive Kid Moving


Holidays, vacations, weekends. Any time off should be welcomed time, but this is not always the case with a child with special needs. If your child has sensory issues and craves movement and sensory input, I may have a helpful tool for you. It’s called  and was created by David Jereb, a licensed occupational therapist […]

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