6 Visual Ways for Siblings to Understand Autism


The resources in this article present information for brothers and sisters of siblings who have autism. Here are six DVDs, all offering something different for parents and their children. Consider what is age appropriate for your child and then use the DVD as the starting ground to open up discussions. Autism and Asperger’s for Different […]

“JJ’s Journey” DVD

jj's journey 1 (3)

I just finished watching an incredible DVD titled JJ’s Journey, which walks viewers through Lori Ciccarelli‘s son, Jeremy’s journey with autism. The DVD is 110 minutes long, and it is definitely worth watching! Everyone who helped to make the documentary what it came to be should be very proud of themselves for helping to educate […]

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: A Mother’s Perspective

Extremely Loud Incredibly Close DVD

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close tells the incredible story of how a young boy, Oskar, who relied on his father and their games and interactions to get through his life; the life he felt was very strange. He admits that he’s different, that doctors thought he might have Asperger’s, but the tests were inconclusive. Portraying […]

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Confidence Building & Bullying Prevention Curriculum For Autism & Asperger Syndrome


Advertisement Bullying is happening every day, in every school, in every corner of the world. What is bullying and what can someone do about it? Model Me Confidence & Bullying Prevention™ is designed to help build confidence and prevent bullying. The new Teaching Manual and Student Workbook complement the video modeling DVD and help extend […]

Autistic-Like: Graham’s Story


Poignant, educational, cathartic and real. To me, is all of these things. It is heart-warming account of one family’s journey into the unknown that chronicles the story of the Linthorsts from the parents, Erik and Jennie’s delight at the “perfection” of their child Graham at birth to their realization, when Graham was 17-months old, that […]

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