Teens & Young Adults Need Breaks at School Too

Teens Need Breaks

Once students move from elementary to middle school and beyond, their morning and afternoon recess is no longer tether ball, four square, handball, jump rope and kickball. Students are now simply “at break” or “on a break” from their regular work load at school.  All kids, no matter the age, needs breaks at school. Most […]

Homework: Help Your Child Break Down Tasks

kanban kids

As a parent of two, very different boys, and having taught for over twenty years, you’d think I’d have homework mastered, by now. Well, even I find myself slipping into the trap of thinking, ‘They’re old enough to get on with things on their own. All I need to do is keep reminding them to […]

Change Your Child’s Behavior to Attract Less Attention

Changing Behaviors to Fit in

When it comes to individuality, our culture is a mess of double-standards.  On the one hand, we encourage individuality with slogans like “Just be yourself” and “stand out in a crowd” while on the other, we’re constantly telling our children to “try to fit in” or “not to make waves” or “don’t be such a baby”. […]

A Sensory Break Saves the Day

Sensory Diet-Trampoline

Today while working with one of my vision therapy patients, I heard one of my other therapists, ”Sue,” getting very frustrated with her six-year-old patient, “Peter” during their therapy session. This high energy first grader had just come from a long day at school and now was expected to continue to focus and concentrate on […]

Engage Kids in the Classroom: 8 Ideas for Heavy Work


It’s Monday morning. You grab your coffee and head into your classroom, ready for a great week. You have your lesson plans ready to launch onto your third grade class. You look across the room and realize … it’s not going to happen. Your kids are disengaged. You need some classroom management. You really don’t […]

New School Year Reminder Notice: The Assumption Trap can be hard to escape

writing assignments

As the summer days come to an end, we are all thinking about the start to another school year. Parents are doing back to school shopping, talking with their children about the new school year, and starting to stress over having a brand new teacher and new expectations of a higher grade. Teachers are feeling […]

Make Social Learning Stick: New Friends, New School Year

social learning

A new school year usually means new teachers, new classmates, and new friendships. For most children, making and keeping friends is essential to building confidence and having a sense of well-being at school. Although the connections happen at school, there is a lot that can be done to facilitate awareness, knowledge, and growth behind the […]

Is Your Child a “Class Clown” to Gain Acceptance?

class clown - attention

We all want to be accepted and to have friends,  particularly at school but sometimes kids with special-isms are so socially different that they stand out from their classmates.  Standing out makes it much harder to find acceptance among their peers. One method that these kids use to convert unwanted attention into acceptance is comedy. […]

Prevent Social Skills from Backsliding

Social Cognition

Ah, those lazy days of summer! What kid doesn’t look forward to the end of the school year? While summer offers a much deserved break from the structure and pressures of the classroom, the summer months can also be a difficult time for kids who struggle with social skills. Sure there will be some relief […]

Summer Preparation for Back to School

Back to School Prep

Sorry to break it to everyone, but before we know it, we will be back to school shopping . One of the things that is good to do over the summer is to prepare kids with isms for the upcoming school year.  Consider setting up a meet and greet with various professionals in your child’s […]

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