Homework: Help Your Child Break Down Tasks

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As a parent of two, very different boys, and having taught for over twenty years, you’d think I’d have homework mastered, by now. Well, even I find myself slipping into the trap of thinking, ‘They’re old enough to get on with things on their own. All I need to do is keep reminding them to […]

A Sensory Break Saves the Day

Sensory Diet-Trampoline

Today while working with one of my vision therapy patients, I heard one of my other therapists, ”Sue,” getting very frustrated with her six-year-old patient, “Peter” during their therapy session. This high energy first grader had just come from a long day at school and now was expected to continue to focus and concentrate on […]

“Probability Goals” Keep your Perfectionist Child from Giving Up

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You may not think of your child as a “perfectionist”, after all, he may have a terribly untidy room or he may take little care in his writing when doing homework but perfectionist children aren’t necessarily “perfect in every way”. Sometimes perfection-ism only affects a small part of their lives.  In any case, there are […]

Why the, “Homework Wars”?

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“Homework, wars”! It begins with the moment your child comes in the door from school. Your first thought is, “What do WE have for homework tonight?” How many hours of tears, yelling and complete frustration will it take in order to attempt to complete the work that the teacher says should only be taking 30 […]

Seat-Based Sensory Strategies to Keep Students Seated and Focused


My daughters have only been back in school a couple of days now and they are already counting down the weeks until Spring Break! It seems really far away right now and they are wondering how they can make it that long without a break from school. I remember that feeling – the January doldrums.  […]

What is So Difficult About Doing Homework?


Okay, you have resolved some of the more obvious homework issues. You have systems in place to help ensure that the proper information and materials arrive home with our child. Your child has been given a second set of books to keep at home.  Yet, somehow, getting the homework completed at a quality level and […]

Organizing the Homework Area


Now that we are slowly establishing the school year routine, one of the most important (let’s face it, they’re all important) aspects of the daily grind for kids is homework. Many parents will note how difficult homework can be in their house. Whether it’s the child who procrastinates, the disorganized work area, or the child […]

Great Apps for Parents and Kids


There seems to be an explosion of new apps being developed for computers, tablets and smartphones each day.  While it can seem overwhelming, some of these apps are worth learning about.  And the best part is that most of them are free or very inexpensive. For those still unfamiliar with what an “app” is, think […]

Homework. “Help!”


From the very first time kids bring home extra work — through high school and beyond, it can be a contentious time. Kids don’t get it, parents have to re-learn it, and the mere nightly ritual of sitting at the table for school work can be downright depressing. We’ve recently changed schools, and while the former […]

Encouraging Self-Regulation: At Home, At School, and in Your Child’s Mind


My 11 year old high-functioning autistic son is halfway through his fifth grade year. He’s been on an IEP since he got his official diagnosis at 6, and part of his accommodation has included the support of para-professionals in the classroom. Recently, he’s been responding to their attempts to redirect him to his classwork with […]

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