“Probability Goals” Keep your Perfectionist Child from Giving Up

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You may not think of your child as a “perfectionist”, after all, he may have a terribly untidy room or he may take little care in his writing when doing homework but perfectionist children aren’t necessarily “perfect in every way”. Sometimes perfection-ism only affects a small part of their lives.  In any case, there are […]

Inchimals Encourage a Multisensory Approach to Learning Math


What do you get when you combine a ruler with animals? ! are 12 beautifully designed blocks ranging from 1-12 inches tall, each one featuring a different animal. For example, the 1″ block has a tiny ladybug, while the 12″ one has a towering giraffe. Inch segments are also represented. On one end of the […]

Slug Bug Math

slug bug math vw

When my daughter was in first grade we had a fun activity that we used to do in our car rides all over the Orange County area. Some of you may remember the old “Slug Bug” game that has been played throughout the years. The classic version is that if you see a Volkswagen Beetle/Bug […]

Money Management Made Simple

money management

A couple of years ago my daughter was fifteen years old. For any of you who have teens (especially girls), you probably know many of them like to spend money. Often friends would ask, “How is your daughter so savvy about money?” She finds ways to earn money. She uses coupons and finds sales. She […]

Flash Cards and Learning Activities


Flash Cards can be an easy and cost-effective way to work with your kids on various skills. With these fabulous cards created by Mudpuppy, teaching and learning can be fun. These cards have lots of fun and colorful illustrations and there are a variety of cards for different subjects. Each set consists of 26 5 […]

Using Visual Aids to Take Advantage of Your Child’s Visual Learning Style


Every child with invisible special needs is different. For some, listening, reading and writing develop naturally and to a high level but for others, these things are a struggle. Some children learn best by seeing and doing things. We often refer to these children as “visual learners”. The schools of yesterday weren’t well positioned to […]

Methods and Curriculums that Work: Online Learning


As we approach Thanksgiving I have been pondering my life. After 13 years of homeschooling, thoughts about my homeschool journey always shine brightly. I love homeschooling my precious little boys, and I am especially grateful that I began my journey before I even knew that I had children with learning differences. I’m sure it would […]

Visual Challenges: Dealing with the Reversal Problem


Reversals are among the most common characteristics seen in children with learning disabilities. Many children reverse letters in the early years because they lack familiarity with letter and/or number symbols. Visual reversals should not be present beyond seven years of age. This usually indicates some form of delayed neurological maturation. Students who reverse letters, especially […]

Great Books for Talking, Activities, and Problem-Solving


Therapists, parents, and teachers are always in need of new materials to be used in therapy and teaching sessions, whether they be in the classroom or a home school environment. This series will present books published by Usborne that can be used for many different purposes, including Speech/Language Therapy, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, as […]

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