Change Your Child’s Behavior to Attract Less Attention

Changing Behaviors to Fit in

When it comes to individuality, our culture is a mess of double-standards.  On the one hand, we encourage individuality with slogans like “Just be yourself” and “stand out in a crowd” while on the other, we’re constantly telling our children to “try to fit in” or “not to make waves” or “don’t be such a baby”. […]

Is Your Child a “Class Clown” to Gain Acceptance?

class clown - attention

We all want to be accepted and to have friends,  particularly at school but sometimes kids with special-isms are so socially different that they stand out from their classmates.  Standing out makes it much harder to find acceptance among their peers. One method that these kids use to convert unwanted attention into acceptance is comedy. […]

Teaching “No Means No”


The older of our two autistic sons has been dealing with a bully in his first grade class. His third bully in as many years. We have been working with him on being assertive with people treating him in unwanted ways. He’s come far in that respect, but still has trouble matching his facial expression […]

What Threatens Kid’s Emotional Health?


“We will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. When asked the question: “What threatens your safety and emotional health?” most kids say, teasing and bullying (Kaiser Family Foundation & Children Now, 2001). My son JJ has an autism spectrum disorder. Intolerance has been […]

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A Quest toward Forgiveness, a New Year’s Resolution


“To err is human; to forgive, divine.” – Alexander Pope With each New Year, my resolutions are usually focused on trying something new or on some type of character-building quest. One of my resolutions in years past was to learn more about the act of “forgiveness” as I am admittedly challenged. It isn’t easy for […]

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Bully Prevention for the New School Year


As we gear up for back to school, we need to consider options for  a bully prevention plan, especially if your child has been a victim of bullying in the previous school year. The topic of bullying is unfortunately a real one for many children with special needs. Consider the statistics that demonstrate as many […]

How Does Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Make You Feel?


When I was a kid, I would excitedly wait for that one special week when all the beloved Christmas shows would air. We did not have DVDs or videos of any form for that matter. We had to wait until it aired live on television. However, when Rudolph aired, I would feel very sad for […]

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Five Bully-Busting Basics for Students and Parents


When I was just a wee safety guy, I was picked on my fair share—apparently, wearing a Batman outfit and constantly warning other fourth-graders to be careful on the jungle-gym is grounds for some pretty epic bullying. But back then I didn’t have any celebs on YouTube telling me it was going to get better; I had […]

Sally Loves Her Bully: A Tale of Popularity, Victimization and Social Anxiety


Dr. Williams, we’re so worried about Sally!” Sally’s Story “I don’t sleep at night and I’m nauseous every morning.” Sally continues, “My ponytail must be perfect, so I do it over and over…I change clothes six times to make sure my outfit is just right! I’m a wreck on the way to school. If I […]

Strike with Force or Become a Force for Change


Should we teach children to use physical force to fight bullies when comebacks have failed? Would you be okay with your child using physical force if he needed to protect himself from harm? Are you aware that fighting back does not always stop bullies? What will you do if the school suspends your child for […]

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