Self-Advocacy: Like Speaking a Foreign Language

Self Advocacy is Hard

“Use your words” and “Ask, and you will receive” are phrases I heard a lot during my childhood. Back when I was younger, I thought this meant to stop being so shy and well, speak up. I also wasn’t the kid who enjoyed imposing on people or asking for things I wanted. Little did I […]

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6 Tips to Prepare Now for Transition to Adulthood

adult transitions

Many times when we ring in a new year, we make resolutions. We start new diets, exercise regularly, read more, etc. and “resolve” to due better in these areas of our life. Although statistics confirm that the majority of resolutions are broken rather quickly, it’s still important to make an effort to consider some positive […]

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Tips for Managing School and Holiday Stress


I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and a great first half of the school year! Right now I am going through my first semester final exams here at the University of Florida, and I’m taking a study break to write this. In celebration of it being finals week across the country and then the […]

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What Does it Mean to be “Different”?


Many of you probably know that I am an openly high-functioning autistic college student, and I am very proud of identifying with this. I am open because I want to make a difference and inspire others to feel the same way. I own my quirks, my strengths, and my weaknesses. I am a very proud […]

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3 Things I Wish I Knew During My First College Semester


Today, I’m going to write a fun piece about the top three things I wish I did differently last semester. As you all know, last semester was my first college semester at the University of Florida. In many ways, I don’t think I did it 100% “correct”, even though in many ways I did have […]

Applying to College for the Classified Student


It’s not easy to find the right college for your child. One of the best resources to help you find a college that matches your child’s profile is your guidance counselor. He or she is very familiar with your child’s academic record including the student’s extra curricula activities. College Options When the guidance counselor gives […]

Having an Ism and Having a Roommate


At the University of Florida (UF), we are already halfway through the semester. I promised I’d share tips and stories and things I’ve been learning in college, and this month, I want to talk about roommates (or if you are friends, I guess you can call yourselves “roomies”). Before you ask, I did share with […]

Welcome to the Adult World: Self-Advocacy


I can’t believe its August and before we all know it, it is back to school and the summer is over. I’ve done lists of back to school tips before, but today we’re going to talk about self-advocacy. It’s a term a lot of you who read books on ism’s/challenges have heard and you know […]

Tips for Transitioning Back to School


Very soon the first of many school bells will ring for students around the country marking the official end of summer and the beginning of another academic year. Parents will either cheer or be teary as their children march off, perhaps for the first time to school–kindergarten or college. For many, this will be especially […]

A Special High School Graduation for a Special-Ism Writer


Hi everyone! Wow. It’s been such a busy month here. I finished some of the biggest steps of my high school career such as AP exams, prom, and graduation. This month instead of giving tips, tricks and some advice, I want to share a bit about my graduation from high school since it was such […]

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