Make Learning Fun: Hold a Photo Rally

Learning with Photos

When I was in high school, one of the best club activities I ever participated in was a “Polaroid Rally”. We were sent on an adventure throughout the city to collect photos of various items on a list. When we returned we were judged on how creative and efficient we were on our quest. Nowadays, […]

The Essentials for a Sensory-Friendly Learning Environment


Many children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and other isms find it easier to study at home rather than in public school. For these children, school can be a scary place not only because of the different kinds of stimulation that they worry will make them feel bad, but also because it is very different from […]

Start a Stress Reducing Routine for the New School Year


It’s time to get ready for “back to school”. Even those who stay home for school are gearing up for the academic season. Hopefully the whole family has been able to enjoy plenty of unstructured free play in the great outdoors all summer long. This is by far one of the most accessible, effective and […]

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Special Education and the Home Schooled Child


Parents choose to enroll their children in home school programs for a variety of reasons.  Some feel their child’s needs are best met at home, some desire the small structured environment, some do not want their child exposed to the standardized requirements of public school, or it could even be that the child is involved in […]

Methods and Curriculums that Work: Online Learning


As we approach Thanksgiving I have been pondering my life. After 13 years of homeschooling, thoughts about my homeschool journey always shine brightly. I love homeschooling my precious little boys, and I am especially grateful that I began my journey before I even knew that I had children with learning differences. I’m sure it would […]

Text-Picture Match from How Do I Teach This Kid to Read

Reading isn’t the same as comprehending. If your child can read words, but you’re not sure he is conceptualizing their meaning, consider using this simple strategy from Kimberly A. Henry’s book, How Do I Teach This Kid to Read: Teaching Literacy skills to Young Children with Autism, from Phonics to Fluency. What the Text-Picture Match […]

Autism Awareness Month: Spreading the Musical Word

by Marlene Cooper-Williams When I think of life, I can’t possibly imagine it without music. For those of you who have read my articles on music education, you notice how committed I am to the inclusion of music in each and everyone’s life. This month, as we dedicate it to Autism Awareness, I thought it […]

Deciding to Homeschool, Part Three: Cyber Charter School by Sensational Homeshcooler, Lisa Sell

by Lisa Sell In Part One of this series, I explained the first pushes I felt toward homeschooling. In Part Two, I detailed how those pushes became even stronger. Well, when faced with the option of going to school with EJ as his aide or keeping him home for school, of course, I discussed options […]

Wearing SPD Lenses: New Uses for Your Old Fly Swatter


Whether you are a home educator or a traditional one, here’s a challenge that should not only make your lesson times more purposeful and fun, but should also get you looking at common objects and events in new ways. What is it? Reach your hands out. Grab a pair of imaginary glasses – ones that […]

5 Practical and Easy Ways to Musically Enrich "Non-Musical" Families by Music Educator, Orly Zalel

by Orly Zalel A reader asked what some practical and easy ways might be to bring music enrichment to a non-musical family. My thought: There are no “non-musical families”, but there are five practical, easy ways to enrich any family’s musicality. Indeed, the quality or condition of being musical is not unique to some of […]

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