Teens & Young Adults Need Breaks at School Too

Teens Need Breaks

Once students move from elementary to middle school and beyond, their morning and afternoon recess is no longer tether ball, four square, handball, jump rope and kickball. Students are now simply “at break” or “on a break” from their regular work load at school.  All kids, no matter the age, needs breaks at school. Most […]

Strike a Pose, Breathe Deep – Obtain Attuned Classroom

Yoga in the Classroom

Trying to teach kids who are distracted, disruptive or daydreaming isn’t fun or effective. But with a packed schedule and a tight curriculum, what is a teacher to do? As a yoga teacher of course I’m going to say, “Yoga!”, but let me tell you why. At first it may seem there’s no time to […]

Yoga in the Classroom = Students Ready to Learn

Mountain Pose - Sensory

Teachers have the honor and unique perspective of working within a space where each child and the teacher, are working towards similar goals. These goals include but are not limited to learning and meeting or exceeding classroom expectations. What makes the classroom so unique is that each child is navigating their own levels of regulation […]

Strengthen Fine Motor with Mini-Weather Geoboards


Groundhog Day was yesterday and whether Punxsutawney Phil was right or wrong, the cold in some parts means children are still cooped up inside needing activities to keep them busy and engaged.  That’s where old blocks can come in handy! Original Purpose: Building and stacking With Sensory Lenses:  A Mini-Weather Geoboard to tie into recent […]

Multisensory Teaching Approach and Kids with Special Needs


Many of us with children with special needs have experienced difficulty with them being able to remember what they have learned. In an article by Donald Clark, ten useful techniques to improve retention were presented. The techniques provided different ways to rehearse, practice, and remember the taught material–in other words, a multisensory approach. Working Memory […]

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Using American Sign Language in a MultiSensory Approach to Speech Therapy

ASL multisensory speech therapy

Many speech therapists augment their therapeutic sessions with American Sign Language (ASL). David W. Hammer, M.A., CCC-SLP states, “It is critical in therapy that multisensory cues be used to facilitate sound production and sound sequencing in children with apraxia of speech. By providing multiple cues, the therapist has the opportunity to gradually fade the cues […]

How to Sneak in Pre-Reading Skills for Young Children


As a School Psychologist, I often field questions about what parents can do to help a child learn and be ready for school. My answer is simple – read to your child. However, when you have a child with learning, social and/or behavioral challenges reading time can be tricky! I know what is like to […]

7 Sloppy Handwriting Solutions, Part 3


Many educators and parents experience sloppy handwriting from their students and children. Handwriting is a complex task and cannot be “cured” overnight. Many components lead to legible handwriting and sometimes working on even one or two can make a huge improvement. 7 Sloppy Handwriting Solutions, Part 1 addressed the first four components: memory of each letter, […]

7 Sloppy Handwriting Solutions, Part 2


December’s article discussed 4 out of the 7 sloppy handwriting issues that many educators and parents are seeing on a daily basis. Sloppy handwriting is not something that can be “cured” overnight. Handwriting is a complex task and there are many components that lead to legible handwriting. Sometimes addressing one or two components can make […]

7 Sloppy Handwriting Solutions, Part 1


There are many components that lead to legible handwriting, which can be overwhelming for many children. As parents and professionals, we need to keep the end goal in mind. Are we there to make sure that every letter is written perfectly? Actually, our goal should be to make sure that they can express themselves in […]

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