NJ Gov. Chris Christie is Dyslexics’ Hero?


As of August 2013, the State of New Jersey has taken two giant steps forward in special education law thanks to its legislature and Governor Chris Christie. New Jersey’s special education regulations now officially define “Dyslexia” as a disability (Assembly Bill 3608) and school districts must now provide professional development opportunities for dyslexia and reading […]

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What Your Child’s Pediatrician May Be Missing!

developmental delays

Early detection of a developmental delay is an art. Small children don’t always respond on command.  Pediatricians do the best job they can in the limited time they have with patients, but getting a detailed assessment from a parent’s memory about their child’s progress is tricky (Committee on Children With Disabilities).  It is not wise for a parent […]

Magic Word Books from How Do I Teach This Kid to Read?

How Do I Teach this Kid to Read?

In honor of Better Hearing and Speech Month, I selected an activity to spotlight from Kimberly A. Henry’s book, . A printable called the Magic Book is included on a CD that accompanies this book and it helps teach phonemic awareness. An Interactive Tool A Magic Word Book is an interactive tool for helping children […]

9 Ways to Bring Literacy Alive: Books are Not Just for Reading


My bookshelves are overflowing with books. I am quite the book junkie. I love books of all sizes and shapes, and find a need to have one (or more) for every topic I teach. Many years ago, as I started to discover the multiple integrated ways children learn, books took on a whole new dimension […]

Mixed Emotions When Your Child Qualifies for Early Intervention


My pediatrician gave me the phone number for Early Intervention and I didn’t hesitate to call. They set up two appointments, one was a basic intake that was just paperwork and the other was an evaluation to see if my son qualified for services. The differences between my son and the other children were becoming […]

Four Second Quarter Classroom Challenges…and Solutions

by Barbara Lester, LCSW School has been underway for a while now – we have just finished the second quarter here in Utah. The best laid plans from back at the beginning of the school year aren’t always working out for the best. Let’s look at some recent questions. How do I get the teacher […]

First Steps to Early Intervention for Special Needs


The first step on our journey to Early Intervention was a wellness checkup. We’d just moved and I was late finding a new pediatrician, so our 12-month well visit didn’t show up until 16 months. It ended up being a good thing. At 12 months my son was hitting his milestones. Well, the milestones I […]

Early Intervention and Special Children with Special Needs


[fbshare]My child is special. Even before your child is born, we all think that. Whether birth is perfect or filled with complications, we still think it. And no matter what problems our child may encounter it, we keep thinking it. And somewhere in our minds attached to that thought, My child is special is another […]

An Interview with Marla Roth-Fisch, Author of Sensitive Sam

by Martianne Stanger We are delighted to bring you our interview with Marla Roth-Fisch, author of Sensitive Sam, a delightful read-together book that teaches while telling the story of a young boy with SPD.  This book will be spotlighted in our Online Book Club chat on June 15th. Join us then to ask Marla your […]

5 Tips for Literacy through Hearing Loss

Our daughter, Faith, joined our family just less than two years ago. She is adopted from China, and has been diagnosed with a profound bilateral hearing loss. Faith arrived with no language, unless you count “thumbs up” for positive reactions and the ugliest disgusted face ever seen for negative reactions. So, we chose to teach […]

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