5 Tips For a Successful IEP When Inclusion is the Target


As IEP season is upon us, it is always good to remember these helpful hints to ensure that your child’s IEP goes in your favor when requesting that he/she be included into a general education placement with typically developing peers. 1. Educate Yourself Become educated about special education law, specifically, the Individuals With Disabilities Act […]

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Full-Inclusion in Typical Classrooms Create Wonderful Learning Environments

Classroom Strengths

It is possible to fully include students with disabilities into typical classrooms when the correct services and supports are in place. I have had the pleasure of including students of all functioning levels in classrooms with their typical peers. When supporting students with autism and other developmental disabilities in typical (general education) classrooms, it is first […]

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Five Things Parents Need to Know About Inclusive Education


This article is intended to give parents (and educators) of special needs children a brief overview of inclusive education.  Inclusive Education is a term used in school systems that is surrounded by an air of myths and misunderstandings. By clarifying its meaning and intent, parents of special needs children will have knowledge.  And, with knowledge, […]

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