Vacations and Tips for Traveling with Your Sensitive Child

Sensory Travel Kids

In Traveling with a Sensory Seeking Child we explored strategies to support your child on vacation if he or she is a sensory seeker, but what if your child is sensitive, more of a sensory avoider. Some children have nervous systems that are easily overwhelmed. They may demonstrate sensory defensiveness and/or poor sensory regulation/modulation. As […]

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Traveling with a Sensory Seeking Child


Holiday break is just around the corner and many are planning vacations.  If you have a child with a sensory processing disorder and/or other isms, extra planning can help make the experience more successful and less stressful for everyone. When you plan your vacation, think about your child’s sensory needs and how they respond to […]

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A Day at Monster Jam: Tips for Preparing those Summer Events


Summer is a time many families are looking for those fun, high interest activities to do with their kids. As a counselor, one of the biggest fears I often hear from parents is, “We want to plan fun things for Jacob, but what if it turns out bad?! What if he has a break down? […]

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Fun Games to Keep the Summertime Busy


Remember the game “I Spy”? Well summer is the perfect time to play this game and many others that cost little to no money. Here are some ideas how to incorporate fun games in to your summertime playtime. 1. “I Spy”. Go on a walk to the playground, the mall on a quiet morning, or […]

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Discover Summer Camp Success for Your Special Needs Child

special needs camp

Happy summer, everyone! Today’s topic is addressing one of the summer’s most difficult challenges: summer camps. Selecting a Camp Depending on what type of camp your child attends, whether it be a typical camp or a special needs camp, you will need to determine whether or not you notify the camp of your child’s needs. […]

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3 Rip Tide Rescue Tips That Could Save a Life


Having gone on family vacations to various beaches since I was a small child, I’ve never been afraid of swimming in the ocean.  Even when the waves were big or rough, I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of trying to ride them to shore.  I’ve become a bit more chicken, or maybe wiser, now that I’m […]

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STAYcation–The Perfect Alternative for Special Needs Families


Several years ago while stationed overseas for my husband’s job my children and I embarked on what has now become a much beloved tradition. It was a national holiday and all the locals had headed out of the city leaving us expats all to ourselves. But with our money situation being as short as my […]

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Keep Summer Camps Simple and Focus on Fun


As the school year winds down, I hear many of my parent friends lamenting the long summer ahead.  Summer vacation can be an even bigger challenge for parents of kids with special needs. I am the lucky mom of two amazing daughters:  Lizzie, my fifteen year-old aspiring actress with Asperger’s, deals well with transitions and […]

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Summertime ‘At Home’ Occupational Therapy

ot this summer

Since my son was diagnosed with ADHD, I have become more attuned to all the issues encompassing the diagnosis. ADHD is a kind of slippery slope for parents, therapists and even educators. Each child with ADHD is different and has a different presentation of symptoms. It is often hard to pinpoint where to start or […]

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Gear Up for Summer with Sensory Fun


Get ready for summertime and plan some sensory fun for you and your child. If you live in Oregon where I live, then summer took its sweet time to get here and is still trying to make up its mind. If you live in the south where my family lives, you may have already had […]

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