Is it Auditory Attention or Auditory Distractibility?

Auditory Distraction

For those who have been following this series on the multi-system approach to Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), you have learned that APD is indeed a multifaceted disorder. I discussed Auditory Awareness – an ism of the awareness of the presence of sound, demonstrated by the child not responding to sound, its source and its location. […]

Summer Travel Ideas with a Sensory Seeking Child

dude ranch - sensory seekers

Summer comes and it is time for vacation. If you have a child with a sensory processing disorder, extra planning can help make the experience more successful and less stressful for everyone. When you plan your vacation, think about your child’s sensory needs and how they respond to different environments; and also consider the amount […]

Auditory Extraction – Getting the Key Message

Charlie Brown Teacher

I opened this series with an overview discussion about the Multi-System approach to Auditory Processing Disorders.  According to this system-integrated model developed by this professional, the six main systems involved in auditory processing are: 1. The cognitive system 2. The executive functioning system 3. The auditory system 4. The language system 5. The behavioral and […]

Was My Child’s Vision Exam Enough?

Comprehensive Vision Exam

So if I were to ask, “How many of you enjoy your child’s school conference with the teacher?” do you think I would get a large number saying that it is something they look forward to and enjoy? Probably not! For many parents of children that are struggling in school, it can be quite an […]

Meet the Needs of ALL of Your ‘Sensational’ Kids


If you have more than one ‘sensational’ kid in your house, trying to coordinate and organize each child’s sensory diet can be an overwhelming task, especially if each child’s needs are on opposite ends of the sensory spectrum. In our house, my daughter is almost exclusively a sensory avoider with motor planning isms, dyspraxia and […]

Five Strategies to Avoid Meltdowns and Tantrums


We’ve all “been there done that” in the epicenter of a major behavioral meltdown or a terrible temper tantrum out in public. Whether “we” are the audience or actually part of the “performance,” these explosive behaviors can be both embarrassing and physically dangerous for those involved. The best approach for dealing with meltdowns or tantrums […]

Medical Student Hates to Read? Adult Perspective on Reading Challenges

Reading Challenges - Vision Therapy

On so many occasions, I am asked about what types of individuals enroll in vision therapy. Many assume that it is just school aged children, who must have some learning disability or decreased IQ to cause them to be doing so poorly in school. This could not be further from the truth. We work with […]

Auditory Hypersensitivity – An Emotional Response

covering ears

In the first article within this series, I opened with an overview of the multi-system approach to auditory processing disorders (APDs) as described in Lucker’s Multi-System Integrative Model of Auditory Processing (Lucker 2008).  We examined the confounding variables in the evaluation of APDs and began looking at various components to APDs such as auditory awareness […]

8 Tips for Selecting an Occupational Therapist to Address your Child’s Sensory Processing Needs


I have been working with children with sensory processing challenges for over thirty years. One of the things that I find most frustrating is meeting families who have received poor therapy services. These parents have tried to obtain help for their child, and have invested time and money with therapy services that at best have […]

School Day “Crutches” – Compensatory Behaviors

Reading - Visual Challenge

We recently had a young adult patient, who comes to us for vision care, describe a re-occurring experience that she would have while attending school. Typical to most classrooms, the teachers would require the students to take turns, going row by row, seat by seat, reading paragraphs out loud from the textbook. To some, no […]

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