Feel The Fear: A Treatment for Anxiety

Interoceptive Anxiety

Urmila Pai, M.D. and Kimberly Williams, Psy.D. composed this article in collaboration. Child Therapist: “Carly, it seems you were very anxious. How did your body feel?” Child: “I don’t know…maybe it felt like, running away!” When assessing and treating children with anxiety, clinicians agree it can be challenging to help youngsters understand and give detailed […]

Why the, “Homework Wars”?

Homework - Vision

“Homework, wars”! It begins with the moment your child comes in the door from school. Your first thought is, “What do WE have for homework tonight?” How many hours of tears, yelling and complete frustration will it take in order to attempt to complete the work that the teacher says should only be taking 30 […]

Auditory Awareness Isms are Sensory Based

Listening Therapy

As stated in the first installment of this series, there are different types of auditory processing deficits or APD. And, for each specific type, there are different systems involved and, thus, different recommendations for treatment. This section discusses the various categories and a sample treatment for each category. Lucker’s Multi-System Integrative Model of Auditory Processing […]

Sensory Processing and Sound Therapy


I received a call last night from the daughter of a friend of mine about her son, aged 2 1/2. She asked about teeth grinding because she noticed that her son grinds his teeth at night time while going to sleep. She hasn’t noticed it at other times during the day or while he is […]

Tactile Experiences for Sensory Regulation

shower - tactile

The tactile system is the sense of touch. This is the sensory system that helps us to learn about our bodies and our environment. It is important in the development of a child’s body scheme (the internal map of our body and how we use our body to interact with the environment). The tactile system […]

Sensory Diet On the Fly – Body Part Cards

Body Part Cards

One challenge I have found in educating children with Sensory Processing Disorder is finding ways of slipping in focused sensory breaks and sensory diet-friendly learning activities before the child’s behaviors make all of us want to lose our heads.  If you ever feel this way, too, you might want to try my strategy and grab […]

Auditory Processing – A Multi-System Approach

Multi-System - Brain

You may have been told that your child has an auditory processing disorder. But, have you been told what specific type of auditory processing disorder your child has? Often, all that professionals say is, “Well, Mrs. Smith, our testing today indicates that Johnny has an auditory processing disorder.” Then, they recommend either a list of […]

Visualize a Better Eater: A Fun Activity for Your Picky Eater

Visual - Picky Eater

Raise your hand if you have a child or have heard a child refuse a food based upon how it looks? Rest assured that you’re not alone. I’ve not only had that experience in my own home but countless times as a clinician. What is it about the look of a food that can set […]

Don’t You Get It? Living with Auditory Learning Disabilities

Don't You Get It

“Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) affects as many as 5 percent of children. It has been called a “hidden disability” because it is often mistaken for everything from odd behavior and deafness to other disorders such as ADHD or sometimes even autism. It is none of those things. It is a processing problem, considered a learning […]

Mardi Gras Craft Ideas Fit for A King or Queen

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is a French phrase for Fat Tuesday, more formally known as Shrove Tuesday. This is the holiday to celebrate and eat like a glutton because the following day is Ash Wednesday, marking the beginning of Lent. During Lent, Christians give up something they enjoy (usually a favorite food) for 40 days leading up […]

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