Auditory Awareness Isms are Sensory Based

Listening Therapy

As stated in the first installment of this series, there are different types of auditory processing deficits or APD. And, for each specific type, there are different systems involved and, thus, different recommendations for treatment. This section discusses the various categories and a sample treatment for each category. Lucker’s Multi-System Integrative Model of Auditory Processing […]

Auditory Processing – A Multi-System Approach

Multi-System - Brain

You may have been told that your child has an auditory processing disorder. But, have you been told what specific type of auditory processing disorder your child has? Often, all that professionals say is, “Well, Mrs. Smith, our testing today indicates that Johnny has an auditory processing disorder.” Then, they recommend either a list of […]

Don’t You Get It? Living with Auditory Learning Disabilities

Don't You Get It

“Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) affects as many as 5 percent of children. It has been called a “hidden disability” because it is often mistaken for everything from odd behavior and deafness to other disorders such as ADHD or sometimes even autism. It is none of those things. It is a processing problem, considered a learning […]

I Get It! I Get It! How John Figures It Out

I Get It I Get It

“I Get It! I Get It! How John Figures It Out, is about a boy’s triumph over Auditory Processing Disorder from a child’s point of view. Colorful illustrations bring to life John’s journey from confusion to understanding. John encounters difficult situations at home and in school. He loses faith in himself and feels overwhelmed, frustrated […]

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Eight Year Old Energized by Seattle Seahawks – Derrick Coleman


Duracell’s marketing campaign #TrustYourPower paid off for the Seattle Seahawks against the Denver Broncos in the Superbowl.  The Seahawks surely trusted in their power last night! Our family is an interesting mix of Philadelphia Eagle and Green Bay Packer fans. What would have been just an average game for our family turned to a bit […]

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5 Ways to Use Wrapping Paper for Sensory Diets


No matter what your faith tradition, it seems that at this is the time of year wrapping paper is ubiquitous. Instead of tossing your torn pieces out, try looking at them with an eye for sensory diet fun. Today’s Challenge: Wrapping paper Original Purpose: Wrapping gifts With Sensory Savvy Lenses: Free tools for fine motor, […]

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Hyperacusis: Bionic Hearing??

sensitive to sound

Many of our children almost seem to have bionic hearing.  They can hear things that other people would simply be able to tune out.  In the classroom setting, it may be the heater or the air conditioner when they kick on.  This could be loud enough to distract some kids from their task and send […]

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5 Ideas for Sensory Savvy Picture Book Experiences


For learning, for pleasure and for consistent adult-child time, nothing seems to beat cuddling up to read picture books together.  However, sometimes sensory needs distort the ideal image of such read-together times. Some children cannot sit still long enough to finish a book.  Others cannot tolerate the closeness of cuddling.  Still others crave physical contact […]

Recognising Sensory Overload


Last week, I went to pick up some Chinese food at our local Chinese restaurant. While I was there, I noticed a little girl, probably aged about six, standing next to the lobster tanks near the door. She had her eyes tightly closed, her teeth were clenched and her hands were covering her ears. I […]

6 Sensory Experiences Inspired by Wind


“Whether the weather be good, or whether the weather be bad, we must remember sensory needs, if we are to remain regulated and glad.” This could have been a rhyming mantra for many when Sandy hit recently.  Schedules askew, hunkered down inside for much of the day, folks with sensory needs who were lucky enough […]

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