Feel The Fear: A Treatment for Anxiety

Interoceptive Anxiety

Urmila Pai, M.D. and Kimberly Williams, Psy.D. composed this article in collaboration. Child Therapist: “Carly, it seems you were very anxious. How did your body feel?” Child: “I don’t know…maybe it felt like, running away!” When assessing and treating children with anxiety, clinicians agree it can be challenging to help youngsters understand and give detailed […]

What Exactly IS Sensory Processing Disorder?


Have you been told that your child has a sensory processing disorder (SPD)? If so, you may be wondering exactly what that is! October is National Sensory Awareness month, so this is the perfect time to address this topic. I’m going to explain sensory processing disorders to you in the most basic way possible, and […]

Autism Awareness Month: Storytelling Our Way to the Interoceptive Sense

One thing about which there is no debate is that our nervous system is processing sensory data constantly, without fail. About everything else, there is great debate. Cultures and philosophies for centuries have been discussing perception and its effect on reality and existence. Interoception is the sense of the internal processes of the body. Some […]

Do You Know About The Interoceptive Sense?

Research the topic of Sensory Processing Disorder and before long, you will discover that there are actually more than the 5 senses we learned about in preschool. We all know about the standard 5: sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell. Proprioceptive Sense If you know very much about Sensory Processing Disorder, you have probably heard […]

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